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Welcome to Be For Beauty. We're so happy you’ve stumbled upon our little slice of the internet! We are a lifestyle blog based out of India and Switzerland which was started back in 2012. Pull up a chair, let’s get to know each other...

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Run by former Beauty Writer and Editor at Prevention magazine, India Today Group, Manavi Siddhanti, Be For Beauty’s beauty section is one of the most comprehensive and detailed blogs in India. Log on to find easy makeup routines, hair hacks, genuine reviews, and events that happen.


Be For Beauty is a beauty and lifestyle blog based out of India and Switzerland. We tell you how to make your life more convenient, healthy, happy and style-ish.


I believe that everyone should write a travel blog to document their journeys. I had some of the best moments of life while I was travelling. And it's always great to go back and see my journey and share these amazing stories with the world.

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Life in Basel: A year in review!


Life in Basel: A year in review!

Last year around the same time, the time when autumn kicks in and winter starts to tap on your door – I did these posts on moving to Switzerland, Basel in particular. My move, no doubt, gave opportunities to write and to share experiences. Some<a href="">[…]</a>.

October 3, 2017 ~ 0 Comments