How I spent 1 Day in Amsterdam (And You Should too)

How I spent 1 Day in Amsterdam (And You Should too)

A lot of us have had stopovers at The Amsterdam Airport. As a part of our travel diaries special, we tell you how to spend 1 Day in Amsterdam. Plus our short yet helpful review of Emirates Business Class.

Early Morning Emirates Flight from Bangalore to Amsterdam

The flight to Amsterdam; was scheduled in the early hours of a weekday. I’m usually quite excited to travel but I was very unwell (spent a few nights in the hospital). That, in combination with the fact that I am sleepy at 4 am didn’t let me savour the luxury that comes with booking an Emirates Business Class ticket. After keeping comfy in their lounge, the crew ensures you enjoy  4 course meals, finest wines, Bvlgari vanity kits and ample leg space (I have long legs).  Sure, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I’d normally would, but the flight was very comfortable which is of key importance in a long haul flight. I’d especially like to mention that even the pickup from my home to the airport was very smooth (a complimentary chauffeured ride is included). All in all I highly recommend the Emirates Business Class for those of us who can afford it. Or are travelling for work, like me.

IMG_0455 IMG_0453 IMG_0450IMG_0449

Not a very warm welcome at Hilton, Amsterdam

When I reached Amsterdam, I was excited but sleep deprived. I arrived at Hilton, Amsterdam, not too impressed with its interiors (but it’s located near the airport) and was trying to check in, when the woman at the hotel reception made it worse by being rude to me.

Despite fighting my bout of viral fever, I did not rest in the afternoon. There was a medicine explosion inside my bag that needed attention.

At 5 pm, I exited my hotel and started walking towards the Schiphol train station and I was evidently lost. Just like anybody else, tens of thoughts to came to my mind: go back, go north, hail a taxi, be strong, even to the point that I’d begun thinking Amsterdam was going to be unlike Rome, Paris or London. A few deep breaths and a conversation with some friendly looking people got me at the Schiphol train station.

I bought a 2 way ticket to Amsterdam Central and climbed up a train. My feet were crying, no they were sobbing but the pain was taken away by looking at the locals. It seemed to me that Amsterdamians have a distinct sense of style and were all dressed exceptionally well. A 15 minute ride later, I was at Amsterdam Central. Is it going to be any good? I asked myself skeptically.

Amsterdam Central: What a Beauty

The moment you step out, there awaits a different world. There it was, the very familiar, ethereal architecture I associate with Europe, staring at me, in the face.

I was excited.

I stood in the middle of the heart of the city with what seemed like better canals than italy, a flurry of churches, statues and world travellers. It was wonderful walking the tiny streets of the dam square. I treated myself to cup of coffee and gelato at a chic Italian cafe, and resumed walking.

 Behind the coffee shops, stood De Wallen, the iconic red light area/district of Amsterdam. Sex props, sex shops, sex clubs, a cannabis college, hash museum, is this place even real? Contrary to popular belief that Amsterdam’s Red Light District only suits the tastes of a lost boys’ weekend, the district has enough to offer anyone with an open mind.

Since words are never enough, a few clicks from my cell phone:

IMG_0463 IMG_0483 IMG_0472 IMG_0482 IMG_0471 IMG_0466 IMG_0460

Back to Hilton, Amsterdam

There was so much to see but not enough time. I had to go back, pack, speak to my family and head out to Lisbon.

So I went back to the train station and did a smart thing by hopping on a hotel shuttle. As I put my bedside lamp off and put on my sleeping mask, I was almost wishing I’d stayed longer.

The morning after was thankfully uneventful. And the flight from Amsterdam to Lisbon was filled with songs on my purple Skullcandy headphones and some running on Subway Surfers.


Have you been to Amsterdam? Share with us your experience in the comments’ section.
Stay tuned to our blog for my experience in Lisbon and Liverpool. New post up tomorrow!
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