10 Bridal Vows For An Indian Bride-To-Be In 2019

10 Bridal Vows For An Indian Bride-To-Be In 2019

The wedding season is just in the offing, and that means it’s PREP time for brides-to-be. While your ensemble has to match your expectations, your skin and hair are equally important too. I spoke to beauty experts to bring you the best prep plan that’ll help you put your best foot forward. So put your right hand on Chanel, and swear these bridal beauty vows today.


Bridal Beauty Vow #1 I will not try new skincare products or rituals close to my wedding.

It happens to the best of us. A bunch of congratulatory messages often turn into skin advice, product recommendations treatments, and home DIYs. “With erratic lifestyles and nutritional irregularities, most brides to be are also undergoing hormonal changes and can, therefore, react to a new product,” says Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr. Apratim Goel, Cutis Skin Solutions. Stick to your AM: PM routine and call in the big guns. Head straight to a dermatologist’s clinic who can help you customise your skincare routine. Feel free to ask about ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C and introduce them slowly into your routine.

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Bridal Beauty Vow #2 I will plan out my beauty treatments well in advance.

“I always tell my brides-to-be to come with at least 3-6 months in hand. If there are cases of acne, pigmentation– I’d say address it…before you dress it,” says Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, Founder and Dermatologist, ISAAC Luxe. After a holistic blood and hormone analysis, opt for a suitable treatment well in advance. Similarly, if you’ve been planning on getting laser hair removal, plan it backward. If it takes four sessions to see results, line up your appointments accordingly.
Similarly, Botox takes a few days to kick in and usually lasts a few months. “If you’re considering it for your nuptials, do it 30-60 days in advance to make sure you can correct any potential issues,” says Gupta. “Consider getting a lip filler at least three months in advance,” advises Goel since post-filler your pout may look swollen for a few days. Go for a touch up just before the wedding.

Bridal Beauty Vow #3 I will do my research before I go in for a cosmetic treatment.

The beauty industry is currently swarming with non-invasive, lunchtime treatments infuse anything from 24K gold to semi-permanent foundation. But before you head to the doc’s office: do your research. Get accustomed to laser technology (Soprano ICE, nd: YAG and Diode to name a few) and ask as many questions as you need.

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Bridal Beauty Vow #4 I will not over-exfoliate my skin.

“The outermost layer of your skin is the mantle or the barrier of your skin. It is a microbiome in itself, and it’s necessary to maintain the pH balance of your skin,” explains Goel. Excessive usage of AHA toners, exotic scrubs or even home remedies can sensitise your skin, thereby making it drier. Exfoliate your skin once a week.

Bridal Beauty Vow #5 I will not ignore my decolletage and back.

Be it low cut, backless or sheer, your blouses can also show off that well worked out body. Often ignored in a skincare routine, talk to your dermatologist about a laser treatment or a peel.
“Opt for a combination peel customised for your skin with glycolic acid, retinol and enhancers to exfoliate and renew skin,” says Goel. A yellow or lactic acid peel can work for knees and elbows too.



Bridal Beauty Vow #6 I will book a makeup and hair trial to avoid bad surprises.

“Just like your clothes, you should also try out your makeup too,” says Mumbai based makeup artist and hairstylist, Clint Fernandes. Red carpet celebrity looks may not always translate well, so try to stick to your skin tone, face type, and features when doing your research. “If a bride wants to sport a dark lip colour but has thin lips, it can make her lips look thinner,” warns Fernandes. Follow the MUA’s work so that when you go for a makeup and hair trial, you spend some more time in finalising your look. “I’d suggest a wedding trial at least 2-4 months before the wedding,” he advises.

Bridal Beauty Vow #7 I will not wait till the last minute to try hair extensions.

Whether you’re opting for voluminous curls or getting a traditional bun, “clip-on extensions are the best bet for the bride to be to get some instant volume,” says Fernandes. Talk to your MUA in advance and clip on your hair extensions a few days in advance to get used to them. You can continue to wear them on your honeymoon to always look photo-ready.


Bridal Beauty Vow #8 I will ease into new hair colour.

Be it ombre, balayage or low lights, taking a chance with a new hair colour close to your wedding can change your entire look. Start two months ahead so that you gradually get the hue you want. Keep touch-ups for the week before the wedding.


Bridal Beauty Vow #9 I will eat as healthy as I can.

There is no denying that what you eat directly affects your skin. Consult a nutritionist for a holistic plan, especially if you’re planning to lose weight. “More and more research studies point out a direct relationship between sugar, dairy, and acne,” warns Gupta. So, ward off sodas, processed foods and say ola to plant-based milk and whole grains.

Bridal Beauty Vow #10 I will not forget to whiten my teeth.

Since you will be posing for the shutterbugs for three days straight, freshening up your smile is as important as the rest. Foods like coffee, wine, soya sauce can cause your teeth to stain (nicotine too!). So schedule a session of teeth cleaning a week before the big day.

A version of this story was published in Brides Today, November 2019.

Featured Image By MUA Akanksha Sourabh Sharma

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