15 Most Asked Questions To A Dermatologist: Answered + Giveaway Announcement

15 Most Asked Questions To A Dermatologist: Answered + Giveaway Announcement

This beauty special, we did the ultimate test of all times. We called up Dr Apratim Goel, a dermatologist and cosmetic physician I have known since the days of working at Prevention, and asked her 15 most asked questions. And I mean these are the questions she has to hear, and answer on a weekly basis.

“The questions thrown at a dermatologist range from bizarre to outright unrealistic.  However this takes me to believe how much clients wants to get close to their dermatologists and how much they trust them. That is the main high of being a dermatologist. The questions are more focused on permanent and painless solutions. Also patients are scared of side effects of each and every treatment and pill.”

Are you ready? Let’s start!

 1. Is makeup bad for my skin? My last dermatologist said so.

Who said so! Everyone wants to look better than what they already are! Make up enhances one’s appearance and everyone has the right and desire to augment their looks. Choose the right products, wear a primer/sunscreen and most essentially, remove every bit of makeup at the end of the day.  Trust me, you’ll do just fine!

2. Why am I getting dark?

Well, I could come up with a dozen reasons but that wouldn’t be helpful! For an even-toned skin (notice I didn’t say fairer skin!), you need to use a good sunscreen as well as good creams that help you do just that. Lightening lasers improve most of the pigmentation issues. So consult a cosmetologist and find out what you need!

2. I am sure I will go bald at the rate I am losing hair.

Hair loss depends on genetics, hormones and multiple other variables like infection, nutrition and pregnancy. Genes cannot be changed and hormones can be regulated (but not eradicated), so what you are, is what you are. Accept it and then do your best. Hairfall due to hormonal effects or androgenic alopecia may cause severe hair loss but unlikely to cause balding. In fact, I have never seen a single female in my life going bald unless there is a medical condition. This leaves us with the lifestyle and individual factors in which the hair growth eventually restores after a 3 month hair cycle. Remember, shedding 100 hair a day is normal, so sit back, eat proper and relax!

3. I am a huge fan of DIY and home remedies but I know most dermats don’t approve of it. What do you have to say?

DIY is totally great but only if you know what you are doing. Understand your skin type and then the purpose for which you want to apply the natural remedy for. Make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients you are applying. Think about all the factors: read on natural remedies at home and execute them to perfection!

4. Will hair colour harm by hair?

Yes of course it will, but that is the best option you have. I do that too. We all want to look good: and your hairstyle and hair color are an essential part of your appearance. You may choose to color , but post that maintain them as well. Use superior products specific to your hair type and procedure, condition regularly and opt for a diet high on protein, antioxidant and minerals  to maintain the sheen in your tresses!

115 Most Asked Questions To A Dermatologist: Answered! Image Courtesy: Flickr under CCL
115 Most Asked Questions To A Dermatologist: Answered! Image Courtesy: Flickr under CCL


5. Can I really get rid of dark circles?

Dark circles are a reflection of your genetic features and bad lifestyle choices. You can’t change your genetic pool but I am sure habits like late nights, poor hydration, lack of sunscreen use, and skipping makeup removal have an effect on your eyes. So, NO, you cannot get rid of dark circles but can surely improve it and we can largely help – with lightening creams and lasers.

6. How old should I be to use anti-ageing creams and serums?

Prevention is better than cure! There is less point in treating skin once photo damage has set in. Anti-ageing measures should start in the mid-20s when the signs of ageing have just started setting in.

7. Should women in their 20s also use an eye cream?

Definitely! Thanks to our city lifestyles, we are in our mid/late twenties when we see pigmentation, puffiness, dark circles and a few lines.  I guess this will be the right time for counter measures!

8. Do you still get clients who want to look fairer?

Ofcourse! It is the eternal desire to look fairer in a nation where fairness is directly proportional to beauty. However the concept of even-toned, smooth texture, healthy skin has definitely started to settle in. And that’s how it should be !


9. Am I not too young for Botox?

The indications of Botulinum Toxin A have come a long way since its primary introduction. In cosmetology, it’s not just used for corrective procedures to take care of lines and wrinkles but to enhance facial features. Be it a brow lift or fixing your gummy smile, Botox is more effectively used quite prevalently starting women in their late twenties and thirties!

10. What’s the best way to get rid of hair off my back and tummy?

Laser hair reduction (LHR) is the only answer! Hair over tummy and back is not under hormonal control, except the midriff in females and hence the results are permanent. So definitely it’s the way to go!

115 Most Asked Questions To A Dermatologist: Answered! Image Courtesy: Flickr under CCL
115 Most Asked Questions To A Dermatologist: Answered! Image Courtesy: Flickr under CCL

11. What can you do to get rid of this pigmentation? Like ASAP.

I understand the plight of my patients desiring so, but I wish it was that easy. Pigmentation can be due to many causes: it could be an injury,sun exposure or hormonal changes. And it takes time. So pigmentation doesn’t magically disappear, but it can reduce, with time.

12. Will my scar or blemish go away in just one treatment?

In a line, it’s highly unlikely. Most treatments, whether it be laser hair removal, pigmentation or acne scars , require several sequential sessions for results. Proper counseling, client compliance and patient understanding is required to reach a practical result, it’s generally never a single session job!

13. I don’t want to take any medicines. And don’t want to do any lasers. Just give me ointments.

We all know that our skin is in layers and any treatment (pigmentation/hair removal/anti-ageing/acne) has to target the layer where the fault lies and hence, a combination of medicines, creams and local procedures is required for desired results. So you will have to take oral medication/laser/and, or ointments if need be. Specific results need specific therapy.

14. How do you get to know if a product/beauty regime is working for you?

A beauty regime is fit for you when you love the skin you’re in!  You feel neither dry nor oily and no irritation as well. At the same time, it seems to maintain and enhance the clarity, texture and tone- then you have reached your goal!

15. Your treatment showed initial improvement but it doesn’t seem to work anymore!

There is no such thing called BEST skin, there is only BETTER skin. So if you opt for a treatment and it works for you, it’s upto you to maintain it.


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Participate in Be For Beauty’s contest with Cutis Skin Studio

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