7 Reasons Why Corsica Should Be On Your Travel Agenda In 2020

7 Reasons Why Corsica Should Be On Your Travel Agenda In 2020

Hi guys!

I took a break, launching My Swiss Story, our new blog that is completely dedicated to expat life. Today, I’m going to talk about my recent trip to Corsica, France. From the weather to places to see and things to do, I’ve covered it all in my travelogue. So if you’re planning a trip already, here are 7 reasons Corsica should be on your travel agenda in 2020. While a lot of us Indians caught a glimpse of Corsica in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha, it was absolutely lovely to go to Corsica that’s famous  for its scenic views, crystal clear waters and great hikes.

#1 Corsica Is Just An Hour Or Two Away

If you live in the EU like me or are already planning to trip to Europe, this tip is for you. Easy Jet which is a low-cost carrier makes commute super simple. Our flights from Basel to Ajaccio were a little over an hour, which makes the location even more enticing. However, there are similar low-cost flights from France, Belgium, Germany and the UK.


#2 Corsica’s Pristine Beaches Are A Treat!

As you grow older, you realize that you’re either a mountain person or a beach person – you could be both but it’s usually one of the two. As you grow even older – you realize you’re a beach person – dip, sleep, eat, repeat! 😉 The beautiful beaches of Corsica give you an opportunity to do all this and more.


We visited the beaches of Bonifacio and Favone – Rondinara and Plage De Canella Corse Sud and it was absolutely beautiful to swim in the Mediterranean Sea or just sit by the shores staring into the deep blue sea! My daughter and husband are complete beach babies, so, it was a big WIN for us as a family – the sun, the sand, and the sea!

#3 Corsica Is The Land Of Cheese and Cheese Filled Dishes!

Due to cultural variations, and a fussy eater in the family,{my daughter :)},  food hasn’t been the easiest thing to adapt to since we moved to Europe. Despite that limitation, the food in Corsica was great – and this was true even for the “not so known” places (you know the kind of places not listed on Google)! If there’s one thing they understand – it’s flavour.

We ate at various brasseries, boulangeries, and cafes across the cities of Sartene, Bonaficio, Corte and Favone and were quite impressed with the pizzas, the salads, the pasta, and the likes. Some of my restaurant recommendations are: Le Favona Pietru Maria Bartoli, Restaurant L’an faim, Da Passano and Auberge de la Restonica.

#4 Corsica Is The Land Of Road Trippin’

If you’re coming from a city where public transport is a way of life (it is for me) then Corsica is absolutely different – you cannot do without a car! But it is also relatively simple to get a car the moment you land, there are several service providers. We chose Europcar and we were extremely happy with the experience – if you have a child you can ask for a child/booster seat while picking up the keys. Advance booking is always recommended especially during the summers.

Driving is not stressful; the roads in Corsica are lovely and what you see on your left and right makes your trip worthwhile!

#5 Hospitality Is A Part Of The Culture

The service and hospitality culture in India is a norm, but after living in Switzerland for almost about 4 years now – you get fashioned to almost no service and straight faces. It’s not like that in Corso, the people, in general, were quite warm, the service at all restaurants was on point and our hosts at both our hotels were lovely.

#6 Bonifacio and Corte Are All So Worth A Visit!

Unlike popular belief, Corsica is not just beaches and there is more to it. The small harbour city of Bonifacio is a must-visit. If you have a car, you can go up the small hill and park near the cemetery. But it can get quite busy and I would recommend to park near the lake and then go up to the town using the petite train which is a France signature! When you reach up, I can promise you beautiful views, museums, cute cafes, restaurants and boutique stores where you can shop!

The old town of Corte is quite similar; you can visit the museum of Corsica, the citadel, the old town, learn more about Napolean Bonarpate and enjoy food on the small cobbled streets. What a city like Corte also offers you is – swimming in the river, hiking, canoeing, and other adventure activities. Corte is a hilly terrain and brings you in close contact with nature! I really enjoyed both sides of Corsica and absolutely enjoyed the warmth of these autumn mornings.

#7 Stay Options Are Great In Corsica

Where you stay, is extremely important – especially when you are doing family travel. Sometimes it can boost your mood or turn the trip upside down, I usually put in a lot of time finalizing hotels before any trip.

Since our entire trip was planned by Frank Rij Huis, I didn’t have to do as much homework. I can highly recommend both the places we stayed at – Residence SerenAmore which is located right in Favone and is in close proximity to the beach. The second one was Hotel Dominique Colonna in Corte, it is a boutique 4-star hotel built amidst nature.

Residence SerenAmore is home to splendid villas with scenic views. The villa had 3 bedrooms – 2 on the floor and one big one up in the attic, a large living-dining area with an open kitchen and a large deck where you can relax and enjoy the Meditteranean view. The apartment comes with all the essentials but please plan a trip to the supermarket (SPAR in Corso) if you’re planning to eat inside or if this is a longer stay. Our host, Lilyan was very friendly, gave us many tips on things to do, places to visit and restaurant recommendations.

Hotel Dominique Colonna totally had my heart; the staff was courteous and helpful. I met the owner of the hotel on the last day and she spoke about how they had renovated the hotel a couple of years ago! The interiors are modern and chic, the rooms were the comfortable and outside area which is nestled between the river and the hills houses a heated swimming pool and a sitting area. The breakfast spread isn’t large, but it is sumptuous and there is even an option to book a relaxing massage which was just a cherry on the top!



We spent a week in Corsica during the autumn break, a word to describe our experience – AMAZING!

You know the trip has gone pretty well when:

  1. You actually feel bad about getting back HOME (which is Switzerland).
  2. Your husband mentions making an annual trip to Corsica on a Sunday morning 😉
  3. Your 9-year-old does not whine (even once) about being on a trip despite no other “like-minded” people (we obviously do not fit the bill).

Please note: Our entire trip was planned by Het Frankrijk Huis, from start to finish. They are experts when it comes to exploring Corsica and we could pack a lot more on our itinerary as everything was impeccably executed. They are happy to customize the trip as per your preferences and fancies. If you’re looking to visit Corsica, I would highly recommend going through the agency for a value-added experience!

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