8 Ways For Men To Look Stylish Than Usual

8 Ways For Men To Look Stylish Than Usual

Cultivating good habits and going an extra mile to look (and feel) sophisticated always pays off. We spoke to the women and here’s what they feel will make you look more polished, and on- trend in daily life.

Here are the 8 ways:

  1. Stick to the basics of skincare. Nobody looks good with patchy, dehydrated skin. Invest in a good moisturizer with SPF, and an eye cream.
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2. Speaking of facial trends, beards are an all-time hit. Trim your beard from time to time –especially parts of your neck. Up your beard game by investing in a good wax, oil or balm.

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3. Since it’s summer, we suggest you expand your collection of tee-shirts: from polo necks to crew tees, Henley tees, Breton stripes are the way to go. Stick to cottons, linens and comfortable blends.

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4. Before going overboard with statement pieces, start building a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe can comprise your essentials like a handful of tee shirts, shirts in different fits, jeans, classic hued trousers and two suits. Once you have these basics stocked, you can build a solid wardrobe over the years.

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5. Most men wear shirts to their workplace. Here’s a tried and tested hack that’ll up your style quotient. If you have a wide face, choose a narrow collar—and for a thin face? Opt for wider lapels to help accentuate your jawline.

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6. Just like chipped nail paint is a no-no for women, unkempt nails are a no-no for men. Do some basic grooming at home and opt for manicures from time to time. And the same logic applies to your feet. Clip your toes and do something about feet sweat. It’s not cool!

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7.Scarves and foulards are a great way to display your personal sense of style. Unlike women who pick a lot of colour and pop prints, feel free to try plains, checks, plaid and herringbone. If you’re all about playing with colours, feel free to show off in bandanas and tribal prints.

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8. Little tweaks go a long way. Expand your collection of pocket squares for formal meetings, weddings and other important functions. Include a couple of basic plain ones in cotton, linen and satin and as you feel more comfy, opt for stripes, polka dots and other designs.

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