Perfect Date Night Look: Inspiration From Alia Bhatt

Perfect Date Night Look: Inspiration From Alia Bhatt

We love a good excuse to try a new beauty look, and what better time and occasion than a date night to get all dolled up. In the honour of the day of love, we dedicated hours searching for some beauty inspiration, in order to make you look your best and were totally mesmerised by Alia Bhatt’s latest beauty look.

We loved Alia Bhatt’s beauty look and declared it worthy enough to be recreated especially when you are planning to spend time with someone you really like. Curious? Scroll below to know exactly how to re-create Bhatt’s romantic and dreamy beauty look, ideal for any date-night.

We firmly believe that if the skin doesn’t look great, no amount of complicated eye make-up or bold lip would work. So to ace this beauty look, you need to spend most of your time prepping your skin. So start with a nice and calming 20 minute face sheet mask. Then follow it up with a facial massage using a face roller. Massaging your face helps to lift, de-puff and add vitality to your skin. Lastly, use your favourite moisturiser and voila your skin is all prepped to look great!

After the skincare is finished, start by evening out your skin by using a mattifying primer. From there, begin applying your foundation. We recommend taking very little foundation and mixing it with an illuminator to get that dewy and glowing effect. Go about concealing your dark circles and any dark lines as you prefer. Finish the base by applying some face powder to even out your complexion further.

For the eyes:

Use a silver eyeshadow to add that first dose of sparkle to your eyes. To add that extra glam apply a little eyeshadow to your water-line too. Go all out by using a voluminous mascara that brings all attention to your eyelashes. Finish the eyes by using a kohl pencil. Make sure to apply your eye make-up that makes it appear a bit more soft, muted and very feminine.

We recommend going completely natural with your eyebrows. Since this beauty look is rosy and feminine, well-sculpted and defined eyebrows this time don’t make the cut.

For the lips:

Bring out your beloved and loyal pink lipstick and apply it as you please. Top it off with a clear lip gloss to add that extra shimmer.

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