August Entertainment Round Up: You Me Her, Fuller House, Nepotism and more

August Entertainment Round Up: You Me Her, Fuller House, Nepotism and more

Welcome back to another edition of Be for Beauty’s monthly entertainment roundup, I know Manavi usually does this but just like her, I (and my daughter) spend endless hours on Netflix and various other web casts. This time we decided to do something different, we will tell you about what we watched and liked (my daughter and I) along with my views on Bollywood and Nepotism (I mean come on I can’t not have an opinion on this one).


You, Me, Her
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There’s something about this show, it’s cute and slutty at the same time.

It’s all about making a 3 way look normal – no they do not look normal (not to me). The show starts with a couple quite in love, trying to have a baby trying to add some spice to their mundane sex life. So the husband (Jack) follows his brother’s advice and brings in a 25-year-old Izzy (who’s an escort) into their lives. By the way, this show is not about sex, but it is about collectively (a couple) dating a person – there are complexities, dilemmas and a lot of drama just like any traditional relationship.

However, it picks on an important question :Is monogamy really the only “right” path?

It’s definitely worth the watch, 2 seasons are out and this one is a Netflix original.

Don’t trust the b*** in Apartment 23
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OK, so I did not watch this show with a lot of “me” in it. It was breezy so I played it in the background and catching about 50% of it. Turns out, it was enough.

Firstly, it has too many characters, the 2 girls who are roommates (one the bitch and one the non-bitch), a coffee shop “ga-ga-over-the-non-bitch” guy, an actor and his assistant and some other people. Well it’s funny (in parts) but then there is nothing new about the show – it could be a concoction of 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, HIMYM, BBT and some of the others. The only thing good about this show is Jessica Jones (playing Chloe), she plays her part extremely well and lights up the screen.

Another Netflix original, 26 22 minute episodes – this show is just about OK to watch if you have nothing else to do.

Fuller House
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OK so Full house is very special to me, my daughter saw this series these summers and she fell in love with it. So Fuller House, the sequel obviously came in with a lot of expectations and has been declared as the most watched series on Netflix.

This time the show is about DJ (who is recently widowed) and is raising her 3 adorable children with the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Gibler, who moved in with her. The show is a v2.0 of the old series with regular visits from Tanner, Jesse, Joey and Becky. It has a “family” vibe to it and this one also grows on you. I’m eagerly waiting for the next season, you know comfort foods – this is that! By the way, the Olsen sisters are NOT a part of this one. Go watch (for old times’ sake).

Kangana Ranaut and her war on Nepotism

Rangoon – So you know I keep missing all the movies as I am staying in this part of the world. But then I travel…. So it equalizes, no it more than equalizes. By the way, Netflix has more Bollywood on its Swiss version than the Indian one. Does make sense. The plot is somewhat misplaced but the performances are an absolute delight. Kangana is immensely talented. Period.

Source: Indian Express

Now let’s talk about her. She’s a bit of a whack job but kudos to her for standing up against the big daddies of Bollywood. She was not a gracious guest on KWK (I agree) but what the hell, she is the woman that Indian cinema needs. A small town girl, with a weird accent and some horrible relationship choices, makes it without any “baap” in the industry. She is “bajao-ing” band and we for sure are having fun. Write all the blogs you want (read KJo) and make fun of her behind her back (at IIFA) but she’s caught you by the balls. It hurts, so you pass these remarks and retorts. Let’s look at KJo who says that “what can I do if the star children are so talented?” – remember Shahrukh Khan? (I am sure you canNOT forget), Saif… Saifu saifu… he’s the definition of Nepotism. He looked like a eunuch when he joined the film industry, he spoke like a doofus, he did not know the language (he was no Katrina Kaif, hello?), he did not know the A of acting but he was given chances… chances after chances. Varun Dhawan, “tu dikhta hai Swamy type ka but tu hai kaafi bada Haraami type ka!” Enough said!


AIB podcasts
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Ok so the AIB gang is a sell-out, they set out by calling Bollywood lame and then they sit in their houses and behave like their buddies. No one thinks you are their bud, actors are just catering to the growing power of social media (through you). Some of their podcasts are funny, the one with Nawaaz, TOW Ranbir (the bastard who has no regard for women) and of course the TOW SRK.

The Kapil Sharma Show

This is one show that I watch sometimes on repeat! Kapil is a real rock star! Why? – He managed to single handedly save the TRPs of a show that was on its way to doomsday, his lonesome stand-ups and observations of the middle class are on point and he brings respects to our national language. Just like Chandan (his best buddy) who recently came back, am sure that Sunil will too. A must watch!

Amit Tandon

He’s gotten famous, I loved his stand up sessions. If you haven’t seen, watch it here.

And don’t forget to enjoy this bonus video from Celine Tam, she is adorable and just 9. At 9, I was doing NOTHING!

We keep the best for the last, this one is from my daughter Niyati – my almost 7-year-old who has strong opinions and saw quite a few TV shows this year.

What did you watch this month? Are you hooked on to every episode of the GOT s7? Let us know in the comments’ section.

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