Knocking On Heaven’s Door: The Beautiful Doors of Basel

Is this what Bob Dylan was talking about? The best part of moving to Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is that you find beauty doing the ordinary.  It was on one of my daily walks around the block in Basel when I realised that the doors of Basel are awe-striking.

IMG_20160723_195913While to my mind the idea behind the post remained unique, I realised that the doors of Basel have caught the attention of many. The beauty behind these egresses, cannot be captured completely as almost every ordinary entrance in Basel has been transformed into something soulful.

Walk with me through the street…


While the sculptures in Basel are not the most noteworthy (also because there aren’t too many) but the beautiful and artistic doors and fountains have always caught my eye.

The doors of the heart are always open, unless you lock them yourself.

Colors, patterns, scriptures….
I found the blue, the red, and the green almost in one straight line.

Most of the doors I photographed were from around the neighbourhood around the St. Johann area.


Claraplatz – at the bus stop – a Basel museum?

My personal favourite, what attracted me to it was the sheer monstrosity of it’s delicate design.

A castle calling out…

“Behind these closed doors are secrets that are waiting to be explored…”

Colours of Summer

Behind each door is a well kept secret,
Of the love, the fear and the lies,
Of the eyes which have wept and the hair which is unkempt


Share with us some of your favourite doors and entrances from your travel experiences.
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