Reviews and Prices: The Best and Worst Of Nykaa Beauty

Reviews and Prices: The Best and Worst Of Nykaa Beauty

Hello guys,

Hope you are enjoying our blog posts! Today, we are talking about all things beauty– as you may have already read from the title, it’s about the best and worst of Nykaa beauty products.

We all know that Nykaa is not only a successful e-commerce portal for all things beauty but also an emerging beauty brand by itself with Nykaa Beauty. Over the last few years, Nykaa has had many new launches in their face makeup, skincare and lipsticks catalogue. Their nail paints and lipsticks are cult favourites for many millenials. They have a natural range where the recent addition are their sheet masks which are made in K-Beauty heaven, Korea. With a long never-ending list of products, it becomes really tough to pick and choose a few best items. To make your lives a little easier we have come up with a list of products rated best to worst products. Here are the best and worst products from Nykaa Beauty.

1. Best Of Nykaa: Face Makeup


Nykaa Skingenius Sculpting& Hydrating Foundation,(Rs 575)

As the name suggests it is a hydrating foundation that can be used by all skin types but is best for the dry skin beauties. It has a unique formula that oxidises and adjusts one or two shades lighter or darker according to your skin tone. Therefore making it look very natural and skin-like, which I think is the best part of the foundation. It has sheer but buildable coverage. Thanks to its packaging, also a travel-friendly product. Available in 5 shades.

Nykaa Skingenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Powder Compact, (Rs 525)

It is one of those compacts that has some coverage and can be applied just on its own. It is hydrating and matte which makes it a decent product for all skin types. It is also available in 5 shades.

Nykaa Skingenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Powder Compact
Review Nykaa Skingenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Powder Compact

Nykaa Get Set Click! SPF 30 3-in-1 Compact, Conceal and Foundation,(Rs 599)

This is one of those all-in-one products that is best for those who are always on the go. Another advantage it has over the other products is that it contains an additional SPF which makes it even more travel-friendly, just throw this into your bag and you are good to go. It has a powder cream base that blends like magic into your face and you won’t need to carry separate tools and products for touch ups or sudden plans. It comes in 7 shades.

Nykaa Gets Cheeky Blush Duo,(Rs 699)

It is one of their best sellers, that comes in a bunch of shades so there is one for every skin tone. These powder blushes are pigmented but not over the top which is the best part about any blush. They are very soft, feels almost like a cream when applied. It will give you that flushed cheeks which everyone adores.

Nykaa Glow-Getter Highlight & Illuminating Duo, (Rs 699/)

Highlighters are a thing these days, people are crazy about that glow from within look and that’s basically what these highlighters from nykaa do to your skin. It gives you that subtle to blinding glow, you can build it according to your liking. This also comes in three shades so you can pick one according to your skin tone.

Review Nykaa Glow-Getter Highlight & Illuminating Duo
Review Nykaa Glow-Getter Highlight & Illuminating Duo

Worst Of Nykaa: Face Makeup

Now we don’t want to be too harsh on the brand considering we’re always so excited to try our their products but not all products hit the mark. Here are a few products that didn’t quite make it to the best products list!

Nykaa Skingenius BB Cream, (Rs 349)

The only good thing about these BB creams is the colour range, compared to all other available BB creams in the drug store market this particular one has 5 shades, which is a big deal since most brands don’t cater to a variety of skin tones. The Nyka Skingenious BB Cream doesn’t provide much coverage and many users found the formula patchy (some people like our editor, Manavi Siddhanti found better results with a primer or another concealer) but it just didn’t work for me. It is often compared to Pond’s BB Cream which too lacks in shades but offers a natural finish and suits Indian skintones.

2. Best of Nykaa: Lip Products

Nykaa So Matte Lipstick, (Rs399)

Nykaa lipsticks are everyone’s favourite now. They are the best sellers of nykaa and is giving serious competition to other drug store brands. The so matte range is one of their first lipsticks which became very popular due to their colour selections and especially due to the comfortable matte formulas.

Nykaa So Matte Lipstick Review | Best Of Nykaa's Lipsticks
Nykaa So Matte Lipstick Review | Best Of Nykaa’s Lipsticks

Nykaa Matte to Last! Liquid Lipstick,(Rs 699)

This has one of the most comfortable long lasting matte formulas you will ever come across in liquid lipsticks. They have included a lot of colours now and is available in very affordable price also.

Nykaa Matte-ilicious Crayon Lipstick, (Rs 599/-):

Nykaa matte-ilicious are lipstick crayons that come in amazing nudes and reds that suit Indian skintones. The unique non-drying matte formula with affordable price range makes these lipsticks a must try for all the lipstick lovers.

Nykaa Beauty Ultra Matte Lipstick, (Rs 500)

Check out the review and swatches of Nykaa Beauty Ultra Matte Lipstick.

Nykaa Beauty Ultra Matte Lipstick Review
Nykaa Beauty Ultra Matte Lipstick Review

Nykaa Lip Crush Macaron Lip Balm, (Rs 249)

These are most cutest and yummiest looking lip balms you will ever find in the Indian market. They come in a bunch of different flavours and all of them are colour coordinated. Not only are they moisturizing but also make for a cute photo-op.

Nykaa Lip Crush Macaron Lip Balm Review
Nykaa Lip Crush Macaron Lip Balm Review

Worst Of Nykaa: Lip Products 

We couldn’t find any!!

3. Best Of Nykaa: Eye Makeup

Nykaa Rock the Line Kajal Eyeliner, (Rs 199) 

It is a bomb kajal in an affordable range. It is jet black and has a smudge-proof formula that lasts almost all day. A definite gem for watery or irritated eyes.

Nykaa Rock the Line Kajal Eyeliner
Nykaa Rock the Line Kajal Eyeliner

Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, (Rs 299)

It is also a jet black liner with a decent staying power in the affordable range. It has a glossy formula that lasts for a long time without smudging. It is a long and decent applicator that makes it easy to draw a wing liner.

Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner
Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Worst Of Nykaa: Eye Makeup

Nykaa Just Wink It Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Palette, (Rs 650)

Starting from the colour range to the pigment, there is a lot of fall off. All in all, the palette is below average.

Nykaa Glamoreyes Liquid Eyeliner, (Rs 299)

They have a weird formula that goes very sticky in the eyelids and doesn’t last at all. The applicator is also not great of these particular eyeliners.

4. Best Of Nykaa: Nykaa Nail Enamels

All the nail paints have an amazing formula that doesn’t chip for a very long time and the colour selection is to die for. You will find all types of shades and colour family in these nail paints.

Nykaa Mirror Chrome Nail lacquer: (Rs 249/-)
Nykaa Matte Nail Enamel : (Rs 199/-)
Nykaa Unicorn Portion Nail Enamel: (Rs 199/-)

Worst Of Nykaa: Nykaa Nail Enamels 

Nykaa Nail Polish Remover. (Rs 99)

Honestly, they don’t do what they are supposed to do. They can’t remove nail paints properly at all. So, I really don’t see any other use of a nail paint removers!!

5. Best From Nykaa: Skin, Bath and Body

Nykaa Skin Secret Sheet Mask, (Rs 100)

Nykaa promotes Korean skincare and especially sheet masks a lot. Inspired by Korean beauty Nykaa have recently introduced sheet masks in their skincare range. They have included actives like charcoal and bamboo that are effective for Indian skin types. The masks are of good quality and are already praised a lot by everyone.

Nykaa Body Lotion, (Rs 500)

Nykaa body lotions are also appreciated a lot by many people. It is a very long lasting moisturizing formula that is perfect for everyday use. It comes in different fragrances and all of them are very nice.

Nykaa Essential Oils, (Rs 350/- onwards):

Nykaa has a wide range of essential oils that includes a lot of unique and different oils specially designed for Indian skin types. They are of good quality and can be used in various ways.

Worst Of Nykaa: Skin, Bath and Body

Nykaa Shower Gel, (Rs 450/-):

They have a good scent like the mists and the lotions but the formula is not that great. It is an average body wash, nothing special or unique about it. Though some reviews say it doesn’t lather properly and is harsh on the skin.

I hope this article helped you in deciding your shopping list. is having their Valentine’s day sale, grab your favourite items and save some money while shopping. Happy Shopping!

Photo Credits: Nykaa
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