Best Mamaearth Products For Child And Expecting Mothers

Best Mamaearth Products For Child And Expecting Mothers

If we ask ten people to say one safe word, I bet 8 out of the ten people will either tell ‘parent’ or ‘mother’. It is because we trust our parents with everything. Mamaearth is a brand which specialises in products meant for expecting mothers. What makes Mamaearth unique is their wide range of products, including skin care, hair care, makeup as well as kids products.

Mamaearth is the brainchild of two parents, Ghazal and Varun. The idea of making a toxic-free safe brand for the newborn babies and the mothers popped into their heads when they were expecting their first child. Mamaearth has been making a lot of noise ( the good kind ) due to their certified and toxin-free products that offers great results. In fact, Mamaearth has raised 1.6 crores from actor Shilpa Shetty as one of their recent investors. She like us is a fan of Mamaearth products. And why wouldn’t anyone be?

Let’s find out all the exciting things this brand has to offer.

 Skin Care Products

1.Mamaearth Ultra Light Sunscreen

Crafted especially keeping in mind the Indian skin type, this Mamaearth sunscreen is what your skin deserves in this inhumane heat. Free from silicons and parabens, the product will provide you with the highest protection against the sun. If you are worried about having white cast, oily or patchy skin, then you need to let go of such tensions. Priced at Rs 499, this 100% safe sunscreen will not let you have any tan either.

Mamaearth Sunscreen

2. Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash For Tan Removal

Enriched with Walnut beads, Liquorice extracts and carrot oil, the Ubtan face wash will fight with you to get rid of the tan that has been seating for a while on your upper skin layer. Turmeric, rich in antioxidants is well-known for its lightening properties. Thus, this product not only helps you get rid of that unwanted tan but also helps you get back your own skin shade ( every skin colour and shade is beautiful ). The gel based formula is as gentle on your skin as a mother is to her newborn child. Priced at Rs 249,  this is a great choice for every sensitive skin people.

Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash


3.Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash For Oil Control

Stop panicking if you don’t know what to do with your oily, pigmented skin. Because Mamaearth has taken up the responsibility to take away all those frowns from your face. Activated charcoal is a natural ingredient which gently draws out dirt, impurities and other microparticles that are having a feast on your skin, at the moment. Get squeaky, clean skin with this product and feel refreshed and hydrated after one use. Priced at Rs 249, you will never know what extra oil over your skin feels like.

Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash


4.Mamaearth Tree Tea Face Wash

Tree tea is every oily skin family’s favourite and must-have ingredient when they are looking for a face wash. Mamaearth too has their own tree tea face wash. Having the amazing qualities of tree tea extracts, it claims to take care of your acne problems. It does to some extent. However, I have used better tree tea face washes. The aloe vera inside did not help much as my rash problem persisted and my T-Zone remained as oily as it was before. However, you can always give it a try to find out if it works for you or not. Priced for Rs 249, it is a 100% safe product, no matter if it works for me or not.

Mamaearth Tea Tree face wash

5.Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes

Containing Mulberry Extract, Organic Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin C, the cream is as effective as its ingredients. Bid good riddance to blemished, hyper-pigmented skin and embrace the new, healthy, glowing skin you are about to have. It treats uneven skin tone and makes it lighter and glowing. See all your dark spots go away with every passing day, with this gem of a product. Priced at Rs 599, it is suitable for every skin type.

Mamaearth blemish cream

6.Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask For Skin Lightening And Brightening

Who doesn’t love fresh, bright and flawless skin? While some are naturally blessed with it, some find solace in products like this one. The Ubtan Face Mask will protect your skin cells from radical damage, thus ensuring lightening the skin tone. Face masks are prone to make your skin feel like the Sahara Desert (dry), but this one makes you feel hydrated instead. All your tan, dark spots will eventually go away if you keep using the product twice a week. Priced at Rs 499, let the magic of Apricot and Turmeric do their wonders on your skin.

Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask

7.Mamaearth Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Late night work, stress and Netflix are the three common things of our lives now. Another thing which adds to this list is dark circles. No matter how tired and exhausted we are, we cannot let the world know that. To battle with dark circles is not an easy job. Every other brand we know, have one eye cream which claims to remove your dark circles. Mamaearth isn’t far behind either. Infused with lily, cucumber and Vitamin E extracts, this product gives you a helping hand to combat all the ugliness around your eyes. Sadly, it doesn’t work as much as it promises to. Although it reduces the puffiness around your eyes, the fine lines and the dark spots still prevail. The product, however, is gentle, does not cause any irritation and is chemical free. Priced at Rs 599, you can give it a shot.

Mamaearth under eye cream

8.Mamaearth Overnight Repair Face Cream

We can understand how stressed you can be if you are going through pregnancy. A good, light-weight, fresh cream is all you crave for all the time. Well, nobody can understand this better than Mamaearth and that is why they have created such a great product. Apply this cream all over your face and neck and wake up to flawless, beautiful skin in the morning. Collagen CLR is designed to take care of your drying, inelastic skin by restoring the natural elastic nature, firmness and texture. The daisy flower extracts help in lightening and brightening of your skin. Priced at Rs 599, this is a personal favourite.

mamaearth overnight repair cream

9.Mamaearth Skin Repair Body Lotion For Extra Dry Skin

Suitable for daily use and ideal for the dry skin people, Mamaearth’s body lotion is combined goodness of mango and Kokum butter. Bid goodbye to dry, itchy skin with the help of this product. It is always a hard time for dry skin people to find a perfect moisturizer which actually stands up to its claim of providing in-depth moisturization. Mamaearth, like many other times, comes to your rescue. The product reaches out to every layer of your skin and provides the hydration it requires. Priced at Rs 299, get soft and supple skin like your baby. Normal skin people can check out their Hydrating Body Lotion For Normal Skin.

mamaearth body lotion for extra dry skin

10.Mamaearth Natural Radiance Day Cream

There are certain must-haves in our daily skin care routine. While all of us are aware of cleansing and toning, a day cream should be given similar importance too. A good day cream has the ability to make it or break it. We cannot think of extremely thick textured cream if we have to use it regularly. Mamaearth Natural Radiance Day Cream is a perfect fit for anybody in search of a light-weight, non-greasy, regular use day cream. Infused with Moringa, Rice bran and Pomegranate Oil, all the moisture in your skin binds together to give you the kin of your dreams. The SPF present is like a cherry on the cake. Priced at Rs 599, use it regularly to get back the natural radiant glow of your skin.

mamaearth radiance day cream

11.Mamaearth Strawberry Natural Lip Balm

We cannot stress enough on how important lip balms are. If we do a ‘What’s Inside Your Bag’ quiz, I bet 8 out of 10 women will have a lip balm inside their bags. That is how important lip balms are. It gets even better if the lip balm you are using is chemical free, natural and 100% safe. That is exactly what Mamaearth’s lip balm is. Containing Shea Butter and Olive Oil, it removes all the dryness and flakiness of your chapped lips. The Vitamin E soothes and repairs damaged lips. The best thing about this lip balm? It’s okay if you taste it a little as it is made from the food-grade natural strawberry. Priced at Rs 199, you can try the Chocolate variant too.

Mamaearth lip balm

Pregnancy Care

12.Mamaearth Espon Bath Salt For Relaxation And Pain Relief

Pregnancy comes with a bundle full of happiness and responsibility. What it also brings along with it is tiredness and body pain. Espon Salt is an ingredient which provides relief from body aches caused especially during pregnancy. Enriched with Magnesium and Sulphate, it helps in reducing all kinds of pain from your body. The Lavender Oil calms your mind and body and lets you relax for some time. Use the bath salt regularly, as it also eliminates toxins from your body. Priced at Rs 399, every time you feel some pain, get some hot water and you know what to do next.

mamaearth epson body salt

13.Mamaearth Nipple Butter Cream For Sore And Cracked Nipples

Breastfeeding is an inseparable part of motherhood. It is the first intimate connection that the baby feels with his/her mother. No mother would want that experience to alter. However, we are aware of cracked and sore nipples that are a part and parcel of pregnancy. In order to get rid of that and to ensure your baby’s first connection with you remains as beautiful and memorable, you want it to, Mamaearth has come up with this genius product. Apply in all around your nipples to get moisturized and nourished skin over there. Shea butter, Vitamin E, Calendula and beeswax are famous for its nourishing properties. The product which is enriched with the goodness of all these combined is going to be very helpful for you. Priced at Rs 500, it is 100% safe for you and your baby.

mamaearth nipple butter cream

14.Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream

There are many reasons why one can get stretch marks like pregnancy, weight gain or loss. But what is important here is how to get rid of them. This stretch mark removal cream makes sure that you are able to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your stomach and anywhere else where you have stretched skin. Shea and Cocoa butter present inside it makes sure that your body is fully moisturized while the Coconut milk keeps your skin hydrated and your moisture balance locked. You will not feel any irritation on your skin with this one. Priced at Rs 500, use it daily to regain your natural elasticity. Check out our favourite stretch marks cream here.

mamaearth stretch marks cream

Hair Care

15.Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil For Hairfall Reduction

No matter if you are pregnant or not, hairfall is a persistent problem in the majority of women and we cannot stress how much we hate it. I have an oily scalp which automatically indicates that I am not a big fan of hair oils. However, my mother loves this oil and one fine Sunday, mamma gave me a champi with this oil. I was surprised to see an oil which is so non-greasy and light-weight. Since then, I have been using this oil twice a week and I have never seen better hair days. My hairfall problem has almost ceased to exist and my hair has grown longer and thicker. The richness of 8 herbal oils does the magic for your hair. Priced at Rs 399, this is a must-have.

mamaearth hair fall reduction oil

16.Mamaearth Happy Heads Shampoo For Healthy And Stronger Hair

The Happy Heads shampoo does justice to its name. Indeed, it will give you happy heads. Amla and Bhringraj inside make the hair thick and strong. The gentle shampoo cleanses your hair to the roots by removing the built-up residue from the scalp. Priced at Rs 349, this is a great choice as a shampoo.

mamaearth no tangle conditioner



17. No More Tangles Conditioner For Frizz Free Hair

Dry, frizzy and tangled are the three things that you do not want your hair to be. But with increasing pollution and our busy schedule, we do not get enough time to protect our hair (guilty as charged). Since Mamaearth has taken up the responsibility to make our lives easier, it is not possible that they will not come up with such a product. The No More Tangles Conditioner casts its magic spell on your hair and takes away all the frizziness and tangles. Containing Milk Protein and other natural ingredients, it detangles your hair naturally. It strengthens your hair follicles giving strong and beautiful hair. Priced at Rs 349, use it to get silky, smooth hair.

mamaearth happy heads shampoo


18. Pro-Growth Hair Tonic For Better Hair Growth

A combination of the most efficacious natural ingredients that claim to nourish your hair from root to tip, the hair growth tonic is not the best that Mamaearth has to offer. It is light-weight, however, it is not absolutely non-greasy. It makes you feel a little heavy on the head and that isn’t something you want. I am not too sure about its hair growth properties, but, it does give an instant shine to your hair after application. Priced at Rs 499, you can give it a try to find out if it works for you or not.

mamaearth pro growth hair tonic

19. Argan Hair Mask For Frizz-Free And Stronger Hair

Specially formulated to reduce hair fall and treat damaged hair, the Argan hair mask deeply conditions your hair and reduces frizz. Infused with Rosemary oil, it works great to restore scalp’s moisture and promote healthy growth. The Avocado Oil reduces hair fall by strengthening hair follicles and milk protein repairs hair tissue and promotes hair growth. Priced at Rs 599, give it a shot if you are suffering from damaged hair. You can also check out their Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask if that is your problem area.

mamaearth argan hair mask

Kids Care

20. Foaming Facewash For Kids

Mothers will always double (triple) check while choosing any product for their new-born babies. As we have already mentioned earlier, Mamaearth is a brand made by the parents for the parents. The kid’s foaming face wash is very gentle. The tear-free and soap-free formula cleanses your baby’s face nicely and smoothly. Along with cleansing, it also provides moisturization and nourishment to your baby’s face. Priced at Rs 349, you can get this for your kid as it is hypoallergic and 100% safe.

mamaearth face wash for kids

21.Mamaearth Moisturizing Daily Lotion For Babies

Babies naturally have soft skin but in order to keep that intact, you must moisturize your baby’s skin daily. Mamaearth’s moisturizing lotion for babies is a chemical-free lotion that keeps your angel’s skin velvety soft and healthy. Cocoa and Shea butter in the product keep the skin delicate and supple.  Priced at Rs 399, you can trust Mamaearth’s lotion for your baby’s needs as it is made with the best of ingredients from nature and comes with MadeSafe certification.

mamaearth body lotion for kids

22.Bathing Bar Soap For Babies

Keep your baby’s skin squeaky clean, nourished and hydrated with Mamaeath’s Bathing Bar Soap. Enriched with natural ingredients like goat milk, oatmeal and shea butter, the soap cleanses your baby’s skin from face to toe. Hypoallergenic & toxin-free, it does not irritate the delicate skin of babies. Priced at Rs 249, it has a 5.5 PH balance which is ideal for a baby.

mamaearth bathing bar for kids

23. Anti-Mosquito Fabric Roll On

It is heartbreaking to see those big, red marks on your kid’s skin. It goes without saying that those are the mosquito bite marks. In order to get rid of the mosquitoes biting your bundle of joy, apply this fabric roll on from Mamaearth and let your kid play in peace. The roll on doesn’t have a strong smell and it actually works in keeping mosquitoes away. Though it says that it will provide protection for 8 hours, I would suggest you re-apply every 4/5 hours. Priced at Rs 99, this is a product you must always keep at hand. You can also try the mosquito repellent patches, the anti-mosquito body roll on and/or the natural mosquito repellent gel.

mamaearth fabric roll on for kids

24.Mamaearth Sulfate Free Awesome Orange Toothpaste For Kids With Fluoride

Make your kid smile bigger and better with Mamaearth’s toothpaste. Containing no amount of SLS, paraben or similar other harmful ingredients, it is absolutely safe your baby. Formulated with high-quality ingredients like  Xylitol and Stevia, it removes plaque. Your powerhouse will love it as it tastes awesome too. The fluoride inside the product ensures that your kid’s teeth are strengthened from the very time they learn to spit the foam out. Priced at Rs 149, the Berry Blast variant is great too.

mamaearth toothpaste for kids

That was all for Mamaearth today. Let us know how you liked our story. In the meantime, check out our top 20 Stretch Marks Removal Creams


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