Bhumi Pednekar’s Red Saree Makeup Look Managed To Catch Our Eye!

Bhumi Pednekar’s Red Saree Makeup Look Managed To Catch Our Eye!

When it comes to make-up and beauty looks to complement a saree or other Indian traditional outfits, let’s just say that the struggle is real. How much is too much or too less? You don’t want your make-up to be too loud so that it overpowers your outfit, nor, do you want it to be too little and get the, “Oh I am playing it safe” vibe to come through.

A few days ago, in the midst of another stalking celebrities expedition, we came across a gorgeous picture of actor Bhumi Pednekar sporting a smoking hot red saree and rosy, shimmery make-upto go with it. Pednekar’s make-up was on point, truly complimenting her fierce red saree.

Bollywood celebrity make-up artist Kavita Das created this beauty look for the actor. Note: you are in for a treat because we have put together a complete breakdown of how to get Bhumi Pednekar’s jaw-dropping beauty look at home in order to truly ace your ethnic outfits. 

The Essentials: A Fresh face

For your make-up to truly shine, you NEED to start with a solid canvas. How? Right before you apply your foundation, we recommend using a hydrating cream. Most hydrating creams are oil-free but the silky texture is perfect for layering your foundation.

Once you have prepped your skin, go as usual about applying foundation and concealing your face for a flawless finish. The key to a fresh face is blending in your base really well (hint: until your arms hurt), because only with a flawless base- the rose and shimmer will pop out.

Pro tip: always, always wear blush; it’s what keeps your skin alive and fresh.

Accentuate The Eyes

To re-create the eye-make seen on Bhumi Pednekar, pick out a rose gold eyeshadow as the base. Apply evenly on your eyelid, including a tinge of eyeshadow in your waterline too. We love how Bhumi has skipped on Kohl and opted for a clean but impactful line of eyeliner. Also, don’t skip on mascara ever. Curl your eyelashes and wear either a lengthening or volumising one.

We recommend going completely natural with your eyebrows. Since this beauty look is rosy and feminine, well-sculpted and defined eyebrows this time don’t make the cut.

For The Lips

For this beauty look, keep all your red lipsticks at bay and bring out all the pinks! Apply a light pink lipstick in shade closest to the rose-gold eyeshadow that you pick out. This will help to give a little contrast but not draw all attention to your lips.

Don’t be afraid to highlight & contour

If you intend to highlight and contour your face, it’s important to keep in mind the event. For a day event, stick to subtle highlight and contouring and go all in with a popping highlighter for a night event. Bhumi’s highlighter and contour is absolutely on point- making us love her face as much as her Arpita Mehta saree.

Want to create a fabulous date-night look? Check out the break-down of Alia Bhatt’s latest beauty look that is perfect for any date night.

Image Courtesy: Bhumi Pednekar, Instagram

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