Book Review: The Bridal Diet by Nishi Grover

Book Review: The Bridal Diet by Nishi Grover
Be For Beauty reviews The Bridal Diet By Nishi Grover
Be For Beauty reviews The Bridal Diet By Nishi Grover


A new book from good-food-veteran and Delhi-based nutritionist, Nishi Grover hits the shelves as the festive season begins.

The intention is pretty simple…to take the load off the bride. The book starts off by understanding that after doing 50 suryanamaskars for a flat belly, the Bride, (or a just a woman attending many social events a year) can be tempted to indulge in the 24-course cuisine paid for by the bride’s family.

First Impression

I read the book over the weekend and found myself totally hooked from the beginning.

A short quiz with self reflection, Nishi tells you the basics of what every meal (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner) should have.  Instead of heading for crash diets, a big no-no for Nishi, she goes on to introduce you to her signature programme.

The book not only tells you plans to get in shape for the wedding but helps you make a plan with a choice in diets (with Indian food) and real time advice on foods to avoid, foods to say yes to, recipes to make sure you can follow this diet along with fitness (to make sure you do it the holistic way!).

The best lessons I took from the book
1. Time control: It’s very important that you follow the circadian rhythms of the body. Wake up as early as possible, have a heart breakfast, and make sure you’re done with dinner by 8 pm at the latest. Our metabolic rate is at its highest till about noon. Get a hang of it and you shall do well everyday!

2. The formula: all meal plans follow a formula and are a combination of carbs, fiber and proteins.  Here is what you need to know to plan your meal…

Breakfast: Calcium+Carb+Protein
Mid-morning Snack: Negative calories (my suggestion is it should be rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3-6-9)
Lunch: Calcium+Carb+Protein
Mid-afternoon Snack: Nibbles
Dinner: Low carb+ Low calories + Less on portions too

3. Learn what to say no to: She has a whole list of what you should eat and avoid. For example, Matar Panner is a no whereas Tandoori Chicken is a yes yes! A Red sauce pasta (tomato) is better than white. Chicken Satay is better than Spring Rolls whereas fruit-based desserts are better than cream-based delicassies.

4. Don’t follow any diet blindly. Dr Grover actually suggests getting a few tests before you try any of her diets.

The likable parts of this book

  1. I like it that she thinks of everything: the grocery list, the recipes, time you need to pack, to eat…I think the idea is for you to get on to the right track and stick to it.
  2. There are 4-5 different meal plans about each milestone (losing 0-5 kilos, 5-10 kilos), and so on.  The foods she mentions are a part of our daily groceries, nothing fancy and therefore can fit many budgets.
  3. The recipes are awesome: there’s everything from Tomato and Basil soup, Papri Chat Salad, Dal, Grilled Fish and even a gooey Chocolate Cake…I honestly can’t wait for the weather to get better to get back into the kitchen and cook.
  4. I hate working out but Dr Nishi Grover has done her part in giving a wholesome opinion. Nutrition is 70%, it’s what you do most of the day whereas fitness constitutes 30% to our health since we workout for an hour at the max. But mindful exercising, based on bodyparts, is an absolute delight for those of us trying to get rid of a muffin top or some thigh fat.

Want to see it for yourself? We are holding a contest where you 3 copies of The Bridal Diet are up for grabs. Just tell us your story in the comments’ section or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and win a copy of Nishi Grover’s The Bridal Diet.

You can also buy a copy here


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