Review: Fresh, Brewed Beer Tasting Session at Warehouse Cafe, Gurgaon

Come Summer and you’ll see most of us with a mug of chilled beer. Which is why I was super excited when I got invited to Warehouse Cafe, Gurgaon to check out their just-launched, brewed beers at a tasting session. That’s right, Warehouse Cafe has been around for while but this cool cafe has recently started making their own beer at Gurgaon. I decided to invite my Dad along since he is the person who introduced me to beer (and many other good things in life) to get a diverse opinion.







Ambience: Brick walls, minimal lighting and a playlist from the 70s is how I’d like to put  it the line. They have a multi storey set-up but we were seated in the basement/lower ground floor which had high chairs, bar stools, tables and couches. You can definitely go there to chill with your friends and colleagues at any given time of the week.







Beer Tasting: Once we were seated, we were given a beer sampler which consisted of 4 brews: Wheat, Premium (Lager), Red Ale and Dark Beer. Mr Vikas who runs the brewery told us that most of the ingredients such as malt extracts, hops, yeast, maltose (and more) from Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and other parts of the world.

The idea is to make it as authentic as possible and affordable too.  Once all the ingredients are in place, it takes about 15-23 days for fermentation and maturing.


While sipping, we kept the following in mind: appearance, flavour, texture (which basically means mouthfeel) and overall impression.

Wheat Beer: A pale yellow, this one was cloudy in appearance and was very refreshing from the first sip. Thanks to the hop aroma used, this is one the fruity side with a twang of citrus notes. This also turned out to my favourite amongst the four when the manager confessed that this is the most selling brew in the last five days.

Premium Brew: This one instantly struck a chord of familiarity since most Indian beers are Lager. My Dad said it reminded him of an Indian Beer called Golden Eagle–did you ever try it? Coming back to this, it’s not bitter, nor is it sweet which makes it a perfect balance when it comes to balancing the tasting notes.





Red Ale: My first impression was that it had a very nutty, distinct aroma to it which, in all likelihood means they use a malt aroma for this. A brownish, almost copper hued beer, it has a tinge of red to it (just as the name suggests) seemed to be toasted with malt aromas of nuts. This one is a must-have for those who are willing to experiment with beers you’d be chugging down if you went to Oktober Fest.





Dark Beer: I was a little hesitant in trying this since I’ve had the bitterest of beers but this was an absolute surprise.  It had a faint malt aroma and felt very pleasant on my pallette–far from bitter. Creamy in texture, this beer was my Dad’s favourite simply because of its complexity, balance and body.

If you’re just starting to drink, or like me, want to keep things light, then I suggest you opt for Wheat or Lager.  And if you love beer for all its awesomeness, then you must try to acquire a taste for the Red Ale and Dark Beer.

Bombay Talkies2




Crumbled Chicken 2



What to eat: Warehouse Cafe has actually created a menu that helps you pair your favourite beer with complementing appetisers. I also happened to try their grilled fish with caper sauce and stuffed chicken breasts and I gotta say, I was surprised that a brewery/beer cafe has quality food.

Pricing: The best part is that you can have any of these freshly brewed beers at Warehouse Cafe for Rs 85 per glass. You’d end up spending about Rs 1200 and above on 2 people.

Allright, well I hope you enjoyed this post. You can check out Warehouse Cafe on Zomato here.

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