My E-book: A summer beauty and wellness guide “Look Beautiful This Summer”

My E-book: A summer beauty and wellness guide “Look Beautiful This Summer”

Hi guys, today I’m officially writing about my very first e-book and beauty guide, Look Beautiful This Summer, available on Amazon in 13 countries.

What are my credentials to write a book?

Well you know how I used to write about beauty in a magazine right? No?

So, basically, I got my break in Beauty and Fashion, SPECIFICALLY, back in 2011 when I re-joined The India Today Group. I wrote on Beauty in Prevention magazine and was later able to work on Fashion for Women’s Health magazine. These are international magazines under Rodale Group.

Having worked over there for 3 years, I understood the basics of lifestyle journalism. A broad term, aesthetics and beauty is a huge industry but you have to keep it in mind that you’re dealing with people: flesh, and blood, just like you. And they deserve the best.

Being a beauty writer and blogger, I realise that even on an off day, there is somebody out there, reading what I wrote. They’re probably reading a new product review or thinking of trying my hair trick. I have to be very responsible about what I write and recommend. And if I don’t know how to help you with something, I can help you get in touch with experts on the matter.

Apart from writing for the magazines I worked for, I have bylines in Harper’s Bazaar, DLF Emporio, Better Homes and Gardens as well as online portals like PopXo, Be Beautiful, Quint, Myntra and Ask Me.

What is the book about?

Look Beautiful This Summer is an e-book/guide with easy-to-follow tips, product references, makeup tricks and home hacks that’ll make you look and feel wonderful this season.

The book covers lifestyle (simple switches in daily life and diet to help you cope with Indian summers), makeup tricks (we all watch HUDA Beauty but cannot do that when the weather is super hot), hair hacks (since you’ll be washing it a lot) skincare routine (the holy grail for clean, flawless skin), and DIY tricks (tried and tested home cures for hair, skin and everything else!)

Who is my target reader?

Anybody above the age of 13.

A lot of my guy friends read it and said they found useful tips.

That said, this is not an anti-ageing book, although I’m working on one.

Where can you find it?

Look Beautiful This Summer is available on Amazon India for Rs 150 and is FREE for Kindle Unlimited Users. It is also available in Kindle Lending Library.

You can find it on and on other 12 websites of Amazon too.

If you decide not to buy it, do check out my Author page.

Do you need a Kindle to read it?

A lot of my friends have been asking me this and the answer is NO! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle App, it’s available for all phones and devices.

Will there by other e-books?

I hope so 🙂


Thanks for reading and lots of good vibes to ya,


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