25,000 Sit-Ups In 30 Minutes…EMSCULPT comes to India | Be For Beauty

25,000 Sit-Ups In 30 Minutes…EMSCULPT comes to India | Be For Beauty

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It’s the end of 2019 and as a resolution, I’m going to be talking MORE and MORE about cosmetic treatments since more and more of us in India are getting curious about non-invasive cosmetic treatments BUT don’t want to talk about it openly. I recently got to know about Emsculpt, and I’m going to be sharing all that I can about it, videos from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore and other YouTubers and of course, from my interview with Dr. Jamuna Pai, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Skin Labs who just got Emsculpt to India.

EMSCULPT comes to India
EMSCULPT comes to India

What is  Emsculpt?

Launched by company BTS, EMSCULPT or Electromagnetic sculpting uses electromagnetic energy through paddles to contract muscles for supramaximal muscle contractions something you can’t achieve naturally while working out.

EMSCULPT is the only device that not only increases muscle mass by an average of 16% but also causes an average 20% reduction in fat. It works on a unique patented magnetic field technology, HIFEM that induces up to 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in a span of 30 minutes. These contractions are accompanied by a rapid metabolic reaction in fat cells that help in toning muscle and reducing & burning fat; all this while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

Does It Hurt?

“It can feel like a ‘weighted’ crunch or sit-up done. It is not extremely painful, but the client may feel the muscle contraction more
intensely once the intensity is stepped up,” says Dr. Pai. Even Kim Kardashian has a moment of pain in this video.

“It can always be adjusted as per the tolerance level of the client. Once they experience it for a few minutes, they do get comfortable with it and are able to go through the process smoothly,” she continues.

Is It A Shortcut To Inch Loss And Great Abs?

In a world of fitness influencers and workout videos, are treatment like EMSCULPT  offering faster solutions without putting in the effort? To my delight, Dr. Pai didn’t shy away from the question. “None of the body contouring treatments should be considered as a replacement for diet and/or exercise sessions. These treatments are not meant to be offered like a ‘short-cut’ method to achieve the body transformation goals. In fact these work best when combined with regular workouts and other fitness programs,” she says. In these 2 video listed below, actress Drew Barrymore talks about getting better results after opting for EMSCULPT without injuries, feels like she’s closer to what her body used to be before having children.

The same treatment is also being used instead of a Brazilian buttlift for pancake butts, a term used for some of us who don’t have defined buttocks.

How Often Do You Have To Do It To Get Results?

“The results achieved with Emsculpt are best appreciated over 3 months. On an average the results achieved by doing the advised protocol of 4 sessions in two weeks, last for approximately 8-10 months,” says Dr. Pai.

What Are The Side Effects?

Besides getting addicted to this you mean? According to many doctors that I saw talking about on YouTube, there are no side effects since it’s non-thermal (no heat) and non-ionising. Those of us who opt for Emsculpt may feel extreme soreness just like we do after a vigorous workout but extreme side effects haven’t been seen or recorded yet.

How Much Does It Cost?

In the countless number of videos I watched, the treatment cost is the US varies from 2,000-3,000 USD without specifying the number of sessions. However, Skin Lab By Dr. Pai offers it roughly for Rs 65,000 per session.

Why Is EMSCULPT So Expensive?

The cost of the paddles is very high since it can be used for a limited number of cycles and need to be replaced.


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