Best of 2016: Our Favourite Travel Blogs This Year

Best of 2016: Our Favourite Travel Blogs This Year

Welcome back to our special, Best of 2016. Till now, we took you through some of our best Beauty, Fashion, Swiss Life and Instagram Posts.

Today we’re going to talk about something that’s close to everybody’s heart: travel. A huge trend in the lifestyle industry, we see a huge change in all of you (us too).  When it comes to travel…our mindsets are changing, and so we want to see new places, try new foods and escape city life from time-to-time. Here are our favourite travel blogs from this year.

2016 was special to us when it came to travelling. Not just because Pragati MOVED to Switzerland, one of the most beatific countries in the world, but also because we launched a travel special, and started contributing to platforms like Inspired Traveller and Tripoto.

#RoadTrip: A weekend away from Bangalore led way to Masinagudi

We started writing on Travel in the middle of the year: it was also the last time I took a road trip with Pragati and her friends before she moved out. PS: If you love cloud porn, you must check it out!

Be for Beauty goes on Masinagudi!
Be for Beauty goes on Masinagudi!

Review, Fact File and Be For Beauty’s Experience at Casa Deep Woods, Masinagudi

This was followed by a very honest review of  Casa Deep Woods which had actually spurred the lost inspiration to start back on travel like I used in my days of being a travel reporter (a very short stint back in 2010).

From Bangalore to Basel, Be For Beauty Travels + Air France Economy Class Review

Even with her husband, life belongings and my niece, Pragati managed to encapsulate her feelings of leaving Bangalore and actually getting onto a flight which was eventually going to lose her luggage. The good part? After reading our tweet, Air France helped us get our luggage faster.

12 Packing essentials For A Beach Vacation

When the beach was calling we made sure you didn’t miss anything! There was a tried and tested method to madness aka 12 packing essentials. Beach, please!


Lörrach – when the borders make a difference!

We also started travelling near Basel and headed up to Lorrach for some live music and good food. Read up this awesome guide on how to get there and what to do!

7 Unique Experiences To Try In Las Vegas

August came, and with it our first travel special. We took this time to invite Prerna Mehra from MaaOfAllBlogs to write about her time in sin city.

Riding to Leh Ladakh
Join our travel special with guest writer Vishal Bhalla talking about his bike ride to Leh-Ladakh. Plus everything you’ll ever need to know about Leh before going there!

Everything you need to know about riding to Leh Ladakh

A guest post by someone who’s not a writer, but one of the most passionate travellers I’ve ever met, Vishal’s post on riding to Leh-Ladakh is one of the most comprehensive and moving blogs on Be For Beauty.

Be For Beauty’s Travelogue on Paris: What to See, Things To Do, Parisian Attitudes, and More

We also did something we hadn’t done before. We went down memory lane, back when Be For Beauty didn’t exist (I know, right?) and wrote about our mixed feelings about Paris and a guide to the Louvre museum. We covered Venice (I wish you could hear my version of Italian) and Roma-Vatican City too.

7 Things That Can Drive You Crazy While Taking Domestic Flights (Things You Shouldn’t Do)

‘Coz we thought it was necessary to point out how annoying you are!

How Travelling Changed Me (And Can Change You): The Journey Of A Reluctant Traveller

It was straight up confession time for me–travel changes you. If you allow it to.

How I spent 1 Day in Amsterdam (And You Should too) + Review Emirates Business Class

The city of stopovers, sex and startups: here’s a great 24 hour guide for you to get the best of Amsterdam!

A day in Geneva: Things to do, travel tips and Photos

Be for Beauty finally chose a sunny day for a weekend out! Read an extensive guide of what you should see, do and eat in Geneva (so pretty!)

Travel Diaries: Lisbon
Travel Diaries: Lisbon

Be For Beauty Talks About Lisbon: Things to Do, Places to See and Visit

Pragati’s best travel memories of spending a week exploring Lisbon has made it one of my favorite travelogues of all time. Plus our review of Sheraton Lisboa was very well received by others like us who love a glass of red wine at the end of a long day!

Be For Beauty: My Time In Scandinavia
Be For Beauty: My Time In Scandinavia

Travelogue: My time in Scandinavia+ Tips To Help You Travel

A recent post by Natasha Orne, a blogger and writer like us, her travelogue is a must-read for anybody making plans to go to Oslo, Norway. As I write this, Natasha has gone back to witness Northern Lights–and we can’t wait for her to tell us more!

I’m happy to tell you that we’ll be ending this year by spending a week in Spain and blogging about it in 2017!
Follow Pragati Siddhanti on her Instagram for stories on Barcelona and Valencia!

Happy Holidays everybody!

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