February Entertainment Round Up: Riverdale, 50 Shades Darker, The Bachelor and Koffee with Karan

Welcome back to our favorite part of the month: our monthly Entertainment Round Up of Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar and more!


Be For Beauty reviews Riverdale. Photo: The CW
Be For Beauty reviews Riverdale. Photo: The CW

1. Riverdale

Manavi Says: Growing up on The Archie Comics, I was fascinated with the description itself. I have to confess, I haven’t watched a high school TV show since the days of The O.C and latest, Gossip Girl. Taking utmost advantage of my emotions, it was great to watch the characters come to life on my laptop. Veronica is nice—Archie is vulnerable and Miss Grundy is hot  AF. I really wish Jughead was eating, though. There are only 3 episodes out till now—yup, it’s that new. Check it out!

Pragati Says: Refreshing, to say the least, I am an absolute sucker for high school and college dramas and this brings back all those memories. I was so in love with Archie Comics, that I used to sketch the characters for the longest time. It reminds me of One Tree Hill, it reminds me of Beverly Hills 90210 and it reminds me of my favorite comic book while I was growing up.  The show isn’t a complete rip-off, it could be termed as an adaptation in today’s time. Giving the characters a twist while adding a touch of mystery makes the show a one-time watch.

Our rating: 2.9/5

Be For Beauty tells you why The Crown is a must watch. Image via Google
Be For Beauty tells you why The Crown is a must watch.
Image via Google

2. The Crown

Manavi Says: I heard about this show from my Dad (he is the one who is the most current of us all!) about 6 months ago but I didn’t get on to it because I was binge watching The Vampire Diaries (I’m going to write about it only when it ends). I have to confess, I didn’t know what the show was about—probably the reason it didn’t interest me. So in your interest, the show is about Queen Elizabeth took the reigns of monarchy once King George VI lost his battle to cancer. Since I’ve personally seen a family member survive cancer, it got me really emotional especially because lung cancer is painful beyond words. The characters and story plot are really engaging and since this is real—it’s more relevant that something periodic like Game Of Thrones.

Our rating: 3.9/5

Be For Beauty tells you why Crazy Ex Girlfriend doesn't cut it for us!
Be For Beauty tells you why Crazy Ex Girlfriend doesn’t cut it for us!

3. Crazy Ex-girlfriend

Manavi Says: OK so I saw this show getting a lot of awards this year and that was the only reason why I started watching this. The story is about this girl, Rebecca who is working very hard to be made partner at a law firm and then runs into her camp sweetheart, Josh on the street who confesses NYC is too fast and that he’s a lazy fuck so he’s gonna go back home to West Covina, California. As someone who has seen most TV shows in California, I have no idea where this is, but, neither does the cast. She then moves to West Covina and takes up a job at a small law firm and there starts the drama of Josh and his perfect girlfriend. I guess the whole reason why people like this show is because it’s a musical—as an India, who lives in India and watches a movie a week, this is no big deal to me. It actually got boring after three episodes so I’m only gonna watch this if I have nothing better to watch.

Our rating: 2/5

Youtube and Watch Series

4. The Trip

Oh my god, what a colossal disappointment! I think the producers and the actors saw the number of hits they got on YouTube and forgot NOT to make it a cliché. Things were ok till Episode 5, but I think all the actors forgot they’re actors and started being themselves. I mean, this isn’t  Entourage and you’re not Adrian Grenier! Lisa Haydon was acting—and acting well—changed her dialogue delivery to when she judges India’s Next Top Model. Shweta Tripathi and the weird girl who whispers all the time were NOT good—like at all. Mallika Dua had very little role to play but whatever she did, was OK. She was much better towards the beginning. Everything from the Hangover cue—blackouts after partying, or the arranged guy coming to propose to Shweta in the midst of firecrackers is so stereotypical. The only reprise was when DJ Adil turns out to be a dick and Lisa goes back to her boyfriend who had in, fact, supported her from the beginning.

Be For Beauty is an avid fan of The Bachelor. Read more Nick as the Bachelor here. Image via ABC
Be For Beauty is an avid fan of The Bachelor. Read more Nick as the Bachelor here. Image via ABC

5. The Bachelor

I usually don’t talk about weekly’s till they end but because it’s Nick Viall and because I’ve been watching the show religiously for about 3 years now, I’m gonna talk about it.

Nick Viall WAS my favorite—I could never figure out why he’s struggling to find the person to be with—and then, I got pissed. I’ve been pissed because I really don’t know what he’s doing sending the most beautiful girls home: of these, I think sending Kristina, Danielle M and Whitney were the shittiest decisions ever.

Be it the stock footage of sharks in the last episode (Ep 7) or calling in Andie Dorfman this week reeks of desperation. ABC’s announcement of Rachel Lindsay’s announcement as the next Bachelorette is as calculative as they could get in an episode.

The show is coming to an end next week: who do you think it’ll be? The girl who puked, cribbed and said I love you? The girl who he can’t afford? Or the southern girl whose sexy and doesn’t use it? Tell us in the comments’ section.

Our rating: 2.9/5

Full disclosure and review of 50 Shades Darker!
Full disclosure and review of 50 Shades Darker!

Movie: 50 shades of grey darker

OK, you need to understand that if I read a book, I will watch the film. I’d found out about this book at an editorial meeting and I had no idea it’s about S&M. While the writing was bad and references to “my inner goddess” made me cringe, I stuck it out. Because I’m a sucker for possessive fucks who love you. When the trailer came out, so did Miguel’s version of Crazy in Love. I loved it.  Then came The Scientist. As the movie came closer to the release date, I saw many interviews in which both Dakota and Christian—wait, what’s his real name? Right. Dakota and Jamie confess that it’s been a while since they shot both films together and they do get a bit distanced from the film. I mean, WTF! Don’t ruin my mojo, man. 50 shades of Grey put you on the map. Anyway, coming to the movie, I saw it online because the release date was 9 days later than the rest of the world.

The movie starts from where they left off: Christian apologetic, Ana asking him to go down on her and working at a publishing house with a horny editor. The scriptwriting is really bad—did it come out straight from the book? Could be. . According to NYTimes, the director had to really struggle with the author, E.L. James. But I shouldn’t say anything further because she has a lot of money and I still haven’t finished a manuscript.

The film is aesthetically pleasing. Some scenes made me feel really bad because you know, my boyfriend, doesn’t have a yacht. And if I were to get a boyfriend like that, he’d be my Dad’s age. All in all, he proposes marriage to Ana while his ex and Ana’s ex-boss are left fuming.

I wish the film could be as good as the trailer—and the artists who sing for the album. Oh well, there’s 50 Shades of Grey, Freed.

Rating: 2.5/5


A month long of Koffee With Karan, here’s what we made of it!

Tiger and Jackie Shroff: more to their names?
Tiger and Jackie Shroff: more to their names?

Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff

Manavi Says: I have to say, I knew nothing about Tiger. In fact, I made fun of his name but I was quite fond of Jackie Shroff because we’ve grown up watching his films. The interview was more genuine than I’d thought and I’d ended up liking Tiger more because of his family.

Pragati Says: Ok so I have to differ from Manavi here, what is Jackie Shroff smoking man? He’s embarrassing, he’s weird and his English…oh my god. He quotes anecdotes from his ass and did he compare Karan Johar to the godfather? Did I really hear that right? And then Tiger, I mean who names their son Tiger – revenge cuz your folks named you Jackie.

Anyways, it was a very boring episode – as usual, Karan Johar was the only saving grace. How are women interested in men like these is something I will never understand. Sigh.

Be for Beauty reviews Koffee With Karan 2017
Be for Beauty reviews Koffee With Karan 2017

Farah Khan and Sania Mirza

Manavi Says: Since they’re both married and very much committed to their relationships, there was NO CONJECTURE about that—Karan must be sad. It was quite an entertainment—the girls were super funny and it made for a good watch.

Pragati Says: Ok so the combination of Farah and Sania is actually quite hilarious – they had once come on the Kapil Sharma show together and it was a laugh riot. I think that’s where they belong! At least together… This show was a little bit too classy for them – they tried to bastardize it as much as they could but it was a failed attempt.

Alia Bhatt is back to being herself on Koffee with Karan with Varun Dhawan!
Alia Bhatt is back to being herself on Koffee with Karan with Varun Dhawan!

Manavi Says: Since Karan Johar has produced Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, it was on their marketing blueprint to come to KWK. While both Varun and Alia confessed to not being the best of friends and going through ups and downs, they both seemed quite cool about not ending up together. I grew quite fond of Varun and I like him for wanting to get married to his long-time girlfriend and being honest about it. We all know that Alia has been struggling with her relationship with Siddharth Malhotra—which is why her emotions were so raw in Dear Zindagi—and it was quite obvious they’re in an I-don’t- know phase. I can’t believe Alia is so spoilt that she cried about diet food but her laughter is unapologetic—which is something I love.

Pragati says: Ok so listen to this, KJo on all his shows says this, “we do not believe in film promotions on KWK” but almost every single episode during this season has been a marketing pitch for a new movie. I mean why would you invite the same two students of your production house twice in the same season. At least be honest about it… KJo…. I mean I love you and all….but say it that you’re promoting your film! Moving on to the episode I think Mr. Varun Dhawan, Mr. nobody – you are “oh-so- mean” and derogatory to women (in general)! Hope the poor girl who’s planning to marry you…realizes this soon enough. And Alia…Alia has no qualms about her public image – in one episode she comes across as an evolved intelligent woman of today and in another one, she is back to being a doofus. I really hated this episode of utter stupidity.



Be For Beauty asks why Kangana Ranaut needs to be so defensive all the time.
Be For Beauty asks why Kangana Ranaut needs to be so defensive all the time.


Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan

Manavi Says: Yet another shameless plug for their film Rangoon releasing this week, the star cast made it to the couch. While Kangana spent no time in talking about how Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar had once said she’ll be nowhere, I was left wondering why one guy whose made Befikre and the other guy whose confessed of being fake to everybody (because he has to) have become the opinion givers or the critics of this industry. I found the interview a little boring—Kangana was a bit defensive, Saif Ali Khan was acting cool, and the guest appearance of Shahid Kapur was quite reminiscent of how fake Shahid as a person is.

Pragati Says: If I haven’t said this before (of course I have) – this show is a sellout, just like all others. India Television has now become the means to enable box office hits. So a lot has been said about this episode, and a lot of it has been praise of Kangana. So Kangana was wicked on the show, she came to the show with a clear agenda and she started shooting from the first frame. This somewhere shows how defensive and insecure she still is, even after singing songs of acceptance. You had or have this accent, so what, everyone has been bullied about something or the other. Karan was gracious enough to respond to her retorts with humor, you have to be man enough to be able to do that. She could have easily irritated anyone with her behavior. The show was actually uncomfortable and Saif and Kangana had no comradery as colleagues. He seemed to be shifting in his seat, and at some point, he even asked as to why he is even there. Shahid’s appearance – why was it needed? Probably to ease out the tension.

We look forward to some interesting conversations on the couch in March. February turned to be an epic failure for KWK!

Our rating for all episodes: 2/5

We hope you enjoyed this post.

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