From Bangalore to Basel, Be For Beauty Travels + Air France Economy Class Review

From Bangalore to Basel, Be For Beauty Travels + Air France Economy Class Review

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for a ton of support and likes on Instagram and Facebook. I’m glad to share my story of shifting from Bangalore, India to Basel, Switzerland.

The Goodbye

Shifting base can never be easy, even if the new base is Switzerland. The last weeks in India were full of physical hardships and emotional turmoil. Leaving behind my folks, my job and a lifetime of friends was nowhere near easy.  After months of preparation, the moment was here.

Tears rolled down my face, when I started shutting down the lights in every room and just wandered through corners.

While my tears dried up after the last selfie, Niyati (my 5 year old daughter) realised something sad was happening and started crying while on the way to the airport. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was that was bothering her, but of course it was more than justified.

Be For Beauty's Pragati Siddhanti moves to Switzerland
Be For Beauty’s Pragati Siddhanti moves to Switzerland

Review: Economy Class, Air France 

We were travelling economy with business class rates, probably owing to the last minute bookings – since we were relocating to a new country, we were obviously travelling heavy. There were 3 large bags, weighing 30 kilos, and 5 handbags. We were charged for the excess baggage, unfortunately the charge was a standard rate – if I would’ve known then probably I could’ve loaded up more – well there’s never enough luggage especially when you’re moving.


The lounge experience is always nice – but you enjoy an easy chair more than a glass of wine in the wee hours of the morning. By the time we got ready to board our beloved had slept – deep sleep. My husband had to carry her while I pushed the trolley. At the boarding gate, the airline staff were sympathetic enough to check in our cabin luggage (2 out of 5 bags were now gone) Phew!

 Air France Economy Class

The flight was in the wee hours of the morning, hence, all we wanted was sleep. The economy seats as expected did not have sufficient leg room, and half the buttons on the remote failed to work. And the buttons that did work, worked a little too well, there was a jarring light in my eyes as the tv screen would ghost light up at regular time intervals.

The wait outside the rest rooms was never ending (probably cuz there weren’t enough), I almost pee’d waiting in line for my turn in the morning. One of the things I fail to understand is why a tiny amount of water is termed as a drink. Water is essential, water is a necessity and quarter of a small glass of water doesn’t satisfy us Indians. I had to get up for water a couple of times during the early hours of the morning since no one was planning to come by.


Layover at Paris:
Paris being the connecting destination, we had a 4 hour layover ahead of us. Paris, well it never fails to impress – the moment we stepped into a restaurant we along with the other guests were almost thrown out due to an employee wages strike. While there was nothing personal about it, a rumbling tummy did not fail to abuse the so called union fighters.



Social media updates, a couple of phone calls later we set foot to the final leg – an hour later, we would be in Basel. Being a short flight, it was fairly uneventful – except for the way the crew gives the security demo which was non intentionally funny. “Joys of shorter flights.”


Welcome to Basel

Breathtaking views – which take your heart away.

Finale to the Air France experience – one of our bags (remember the bags that they had so generously taken in) – well one of it went missing. Another 30 minutes at the airport were spent filing a complaint – the staff assured us that the bag reached Paris and will someday reach us as well. Anurag was left without clothes and other essentials.


8 bags, a 5 year old and a back ache later we were in the hotel. Extreme tiredness and fatigue got to the best of our bodies, and we called it a night! 

Stay tuned to this space, and my Instagram for Basel updates, week by week.


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