How To Get  BEYONCE-SEXY  Legs!

Welcome back to our beauty special! How can it be a beauty special without special attention to your legs? The season of festivals, parties, weddings is here and we completely support you in showing off your legs. Beyonce, better known as Queen BAE is synonymous to sexy legs (everybody knows that). Follow these tips to get Beyonce Sexy Legs.

  1. Use an oil before a shower: I know this is old school, but that’s for a reason. Not only do you clean up better, but a good oil massage before you step into the water also means your body doesn’t get stripped of its natural oils. Slap on some coconut oil, massaging on rough areas like knees and elbows, making sure you get enough on your inner thighs and back.bef0030c672b4b93632b2b11cd608fe5
  2. Exfoliate before you remove hair: Flakes are fine for breakfast, not on your legs. The top layer or our skin often gets clogged with dead cells, blocking moisture in general. Choose a salt or sugar scrub and apply it in small, circular motions for about 60 seconds. If you shave, a scrub release ingrown hairs, so lesser work for you.
  3. Plan a day in advance: Most hair removal methods are a bit painful (and tedious) so do it a day before the big party. If you wax, your legs may look redder than usual on the day you get them waxed. Plus, a lot of us have a tendency to break out right after we wax so avoid such mishaps by scheduling an appointment in advance. Once you’re back home, wash your legs with lukewarm water. If there’s too much redness (and pain), use a paste with aspirin and water. Use an anti-bacterial agent like Cetaphil to avoid redness, sensitivity or breakouts. If you shave, make sure you lather well to get a close, clean shave. Keep changing your blade from time to time to avoid infections.dc605e5cc06c0dc52bbe7208ca929bb8

  4. Use a moisturiser daily:
    If you don’t use oil, you can’t skip moisturising your legs (and other body). Pat on some moisturiser when your body is still damp: this helps seal in moisture and keeps your skin softer through the day. Look for ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid that help draw water to your skin and retain it too.

     Sometimes, it so happens that you’re in the car, on your way to meet friends and you look down to find a dry patch on your legs. Slap on a few drops of water (if you have some) on it and let it air-dry. You’ll see an instant difference.

    Follow these tips to get Beyonce Sexy Legs.
    Follow these tips to get Beyonce Sexy Legs.
  5. Get rid of Keratosis Pilaris: Common amongst shavers, Keratosis Pilaris are red bumps you get on your legs from time to time. If your scrub doesn’t help, try this: Take a tablespoon of Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice each, and add raw sugar (fine granules) and 2 tablespoons of honey to it. Studies also suggest that exfoliants like Baking Soda or Sugar applied with a moisturizing agent like oils can help overcome this. However, these are all DIY remedies and take time to show a change, so be patient.fa897b2f7c0eef2cf5c77cff55c057ab
  6. Use a bronzing oil for a shine: Want your legs to shine bright like a diamond? We do too. A lot of women use baby oil but it feels too sticky. Instead, try your hands at bronzing oils, like The Body Shop Shimmering Dry Bronzing Oil, Rs 1,395: they are a hit amongst celebrities and last through all-nighters. Take some in your hand and massage thoroughly on legs and thighs.
  7. I am not sure you read any of this, so here’s a helpful cheat sheet!
  8. How To Get Sexy Legs
    How To Get Sexy Legs

    This post is dedicated to Queen BAE (uh-oh-uh-oh-oh-oh). All photos are from Pinterest under CCL.

    How do you keep your legs looking Beyonce Sexy? Spill your secrets in the comments’ section.

    Stay tuned to our Beauty Special.

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