Is Glamglow Glitter Peel Off Mask Worth The Hype (And Your Dime?)

Is Glamglow Glitter Peel Off Mask Worth The Hype (And Your Dime?)

I’ve seen everybody love it.

I’ve seen countless Instagram stories about it.

I’ve seen bloggers rave about.

That’s right, I’m talking about the glitter-infused black peel off mask from Glamglow. While the brand has just made its way to India (thank you Nykaa), they have been making waves internationally for their ever glowful campaigns. While it may seem like Glamglow owns hashtags like #thatglotho #menwhomask #glittermask, is there more to this mask than just, well, glitter? Is glitter, an ingredient not recommended for use in cosmetics by FDA going to give your skin that mega glow that you won’t need a highlighter? Is Glamglow Glitter Peel Off Worth Rs 4,050?

Let’s talk.

So what is it?

It’s a very interesting glitter mask made from the ever awesome Glamglow. I have to admit their packaging is always on point.

What does it have?

It has ingredients like licorice and marshmallow leaf to begin with. It also has a bit of sea good ingredients like marine algae plasma and red algae extract. I didn’t know this till I started researching the mask also has hyaluronic acid ( I’m still uncertain of the percentage) which is why they promise a subtle lift after usage.

What is a peel-off mask?

Unlike a sheet mask or a regular face pack, you apply a layer of Glamglow Glitter Mask, wait for it to dry (it takes about 20 minutes) and peel it off. I have to admit, I’m really scared of peel off masks because they hurt especially if they caught in your peach fuzz, or well, sideburns. I was all ready to say ouch.

So how was it?

Well the application was pretty average. But my glitter on my face made me go Kira Kira.

Once I had the beautiful glittery mask on my freakkin face, I did what every other blogger, person, dog would do. I took a few pictures. I even stared at myself and let my vanity take over me.

But not for long.

I’m a really lazy person and I saw the mess I’d made in my bathroom. There was glitter stuck to the basin. Which was not easy to wash.

Soon, it was time to take it off.

It didn’t hurt, at all.

In fact, if you too are a peel-off mask amateur, make sure you apply a thicker layer. It was easier for me to hold. And yank. Unlike others, it took me a few times to peel it off together, in one go.

What were the immediate results?

Well, you see an instant improvement in texture and a slight glow. But quite honestly, I see that in my gram flour-sandalwood-rosewater face pack that I DIY at home.

You also feel a slight tingling sensation, the kind you feel after you apply an astringent or a blue toner.

Oh, and there will be glitter (which doesn’t add any sparkle to your skin) on your nose and ears till the next day. It took me two damp washcloths to take everything off. Not cool for a lazy fuck like me.

What are the long-term results?

Well, it promises to plump your skin with usage. As much as I think the mask has a good set of ingredients (a little cocktail of all things a girl or a boy would want in a mask), I’m not sure if everyone would want to spend Rs 4,000 on this. I think you’d want to see more visible results and I haven’t seen that yet.

If you’re hosting a bachelorette party or if you are a mask maniac, you must have it.

If not, well, don’t expect your skin to lift like it exercised all morning. Make sure you eat well, take a break from makeup and drink coconut water.

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