How To Spend 5 Days/ 4 Nights In The Lovely City Of Prague

How To Spend 5 Days/ 4 Nights In The Lovely City Of Prague

Quarantine has me scrolling through my photo gallery. I hadn’t done a travelogue on Prague yet because we already have one by my sister, Pragati. But 2020 made me miss travelling and I thought I’d share some of the experiences my husband and I had in Prague. Here’s how you can spend 5 days in the lovely city of Prague: things to do, tour reviews (Kafka Museum, Townhall & Astronomical Tower, Prague Castle, Boat Cruise), and places to eat.

How To Get To Prague

Since we were in Switzerland before this, we just took a low-cost flight like Ryan Air to get us to Prague. Mind you, this was in July and it was peak holiday season so there was a lot of waiting at the airport and even in flight. Sometimes, I almost miss the chaos. It was a short and sweet flight from Basel to Prague and once we got our luggage, we got a local SIM which was really economical that I used even on my next leg in Rome.

The only time we used hotel transfer was to and from the airport. We arrived and checked into Hotel Klarov, the first hotel I’d booked back when I was planning this trip.


Hotel Klarov Review

This was peak season and when I was looking at hotels in the city centre, it showed up. It’s close to the city centre, not in the city centre (just thought you know) and has 5 floors. It was really hot last July and we were glad our room, which was on the 5th floor, had air conditioning. I mention this because the other floors don’t and Europeans don’t install air conditioning no matter how hot it gets. The hotel pays homage to famous musicians, the room was standard with a double bed, and basic amenities. Each floor has a small balcony for a smoke break and an outdoor area where you can order drinks but that’s much pretty it. The breakfast was basic European and overall we enjoyed our stay. The staff was very sweet and helpful too.

In terms of distance, we could walk to Town Square or Prague Castle, or take the Uber for as low as 5-10 euros. Of course, if we were going to Narodni or other areas, the fare was higher.

Day 1

By the time we got settled in, it was already dinner time. So we headed across the bridge towards the town square and found this beautiful little cafe called Mistral Cafe. I loved the vibe and was thrilled they had vegan, gluten-free options too. I went back about 3 times there.

View from The Astronomical Tower, Town Square, Prague | Things to do in Prague | How To Spend 5 Days In Prague
View from The Astronomical Tower, Town Square, Prague | Things to do in Prague | How To Spend 5 Days In Prague

Day 2

We woke up bright and early to spend a whole day at the city centre, which is home to the Astronomical Tower, and the Klementine Library.

Kafka Museum and Tour Of The Astronomical Tower, Old town Square, Prague

Close to Mistral Cafe is a small, trippy Kafka Museum with an admission fee of 8 euros each. This place has many mixed reviews, and I know Prague is known for museums but I liked it just because it was eerie.

Once we were out in bright light, we checked out the Astronomical Tower, had lunch in one of the crowded cafes and headed for a tour of the Townhall and the Astronomical Tower. Our guide was very interesting, friendly and we finished the tour with aerial views of the city of Prague.

After picking up a few brochures of upcoming jazz concerts, we made our way back to the hotel. We made a pit stop for beer and ice cream and enjoyed the positive energy of the environment, soaking in families, live bands and so much more.

Review: Cruise River Vltava, Prague
Review: Cruise River Vltava, Prague

Review: Boat Cruise, River Vltava

In the evening, we booked a 1-hour long cruise on River Vltava, and I must say, it was a waste of time, money, and patience. The boat barely moved and our guide mostly told us about the monuments by pointing at them rather than taking the boat there. On a side note, river Vltava is very dirty and whosoever is reading this, you’re better off without this experience.

Day 3

Today was the day we woke up early and went to eat breakfast at Cafe Louvre in an area called Narodni Trida, an area I was going to like more and more. Famous for its architecture and loved by 38 writers including Kafka and Einstein. Please note: it’s best for breakfast or tea time.

Review: Cafe Louvre

I was completely taken in by its regal interiors but unfortunately, my experience was ruined by a large, noisy party of Indian travellers at the next table and my breakfast was cold too. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go back there but I would love to go back there for the ambience, some Viennese coffee and dessert too.

After breakfast, we took a long walk across the Boulevard little with shops that catered to both reasonable and expensive needs. I remember going hard at shopping for souvenirs and summer outfits (New Yorker was our favourite affordable brand that’s not in India). I didn’t realise it at the time but Nove Mesto, or new town, is home to many museums. I was quite happy looking at the marvel of Franz Kafka Statue at Quadrio.

After resting, we went back to Narodni for live jazz at Reduta Jazz Club. If you love jazz music, you’re gonna have a great time in Prague!

Day 4

We had an early flight out to Rome on the next day so we had to make the most of it. After breakfast, we decided to do a morning tour of the Prague Castle which was brimming with tourists even at 9.30 am. We roamed around the palace exteriors, took a few photographs and made our way back to the hotel while my husband decided to book a night tour of the Prague Castle.

We then walked to the famous John Lennon Wall. On our way to the wall, we spotted a cute restaurant which had outdoor seating overlooking the river and a rice mill, mist fans, and a beautiful menu called Velkopřevorský Mlýn, where we ended up going later (good food, huge portions, moody service).

Coming back, our experience at the Lennon Wall was great. I’d heard so much about it, and yes, there were people there, but we got time to read the walls, take in the moment, take photos and check out a shop inside.

Review: Night Tour Prague Castle

In the evening, my husband went for a night tour of the Prague Castle, and till date, he tells me it was the best decision he ever made. It is perfect for someone who wants to spend time away from the crowds and really wants to learn more about history. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the Castle but it’s beautiful and you will love it!

Day 5

Packing and going onwards to Rome. I’ve done a blog with tips on Vatican City Tour Hacks. Check it out!

Things We Missed

  1. Prague Beer Tours & Pub Crawls: My husband and I are not heavy drinkers and this was missed!
  2. Taking a photo at Charles Bridge: it’s too crowded but beautiful!
  3. Eating a Trdelnik: I hate cinnamon and was probably the only tourist who didn’t eat this.

Places To Eat In Prague

  1. Cafe Mistral
  2. Velkopřevorský Mlýn
  3. Cafe Louvre
  4. Five Rivers Indian Kitchen & Bar

All in all, we had a great time in Prague and we would love back to go back! I hope this travelogue helps you plan your trip.

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