How To Throw A Bridal Shower

How To Throw A Bridal Shower

We’ve all seen bachelorette parties in movies…be it the kissing game in Maid Of Honor, the stripper dance competition in Bride Wars, but bridal showers tend to be slightly different. Bridal showers are new to India, and are not really our tradition per say. But the world is getting smaller, and if there’s a chance to add another party to your wedding, who’d say no?

If you’re throwing your best friend/sister a bridal shower, here are some things you need know.

Decide The Venue

When you’re thinking of throwing a bridal shower: it’s important to make sure you choose a venue where the bride-to-be will be comfortable. It could be a new restaurant with a private dining room, her favourite bar, or my favourite, a friend’s place.

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Get Some Props

Even though it’s not a Bachelorette party, I don’t see a bride saying no to a sash or a crown. Make it a photo opportunity by getting customised metallic balloons (you can get them on Amazon or Partilicious in India.) From neon sunglasses, to confetti and streamers, the world is your oyster! Make sure you have a colour scheme if it’s a big affair!

Order The Cake!

There’s always that friend that’s in charge of a dirty cake. Something yummy with references of the phallus too (OK, man, penis shaped cakes!) so get on the phone with a baker who’s done this. Order 1-2-5Kg depending on the number of attendees and try to make it as personal as possible.

Give The Bride A Thoughtful Gift

Reserve the cash, sarees for the actually wedding. This is your time to give her something for that she can enjoy the next chapter. If you know her really well, don’t hold back. Give her a camisole and underwear, sexy lingerie or even a monogrammed satin robe (actually get one for the hubby too). If you’re colleagues, or just social with each other, anything from whiskey glasses, skincare products, furry slippers to wine would do. Bed linens, bath salts, essential oils, or even a Netflix subscription would seem thoughtful.

Personalised Marble Mugs


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Hunkemoller Bridal Set Hosiery

Image Courtesy: Hunkemoller | Gift Ideas For A Bridal Shower

Plan Some Games


Playing games is the best part of the night. Games like “who knows the bride the best”, “how well does the bride know the groom” are played and whoever gets it wrong can also have a shot. You can go DIY or buy these off Etsy. Please note: if you’re ordering from Etsy, plan it in advance according to shipping. You’ll have to pay an import fee on these too.

Bachelor Scavenger Hunt (Downloadable)

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Bridal Shower Scratch Cards 

Image Courtesy:Hunkemoller | Games To Play At A Bridal Shower


Don’t Forget The Cocktails & Knick-Knacks

Lastly, remember to make most of happy hours and delicious tidbits to keep you satiated and going! Try to finalise the menu in advance with the restaurant or a home caterer so that you can sit back and spend some time with the bride-to-be.

Thanks for reading, I hope this post helps you!