Makeup essentials: Why priming your face is important and our favorite Setting Powders

Makeup essentials: Why priming your face is important and our favorite Setting Powders

With all the makeup you’re buying, you must invest in a face primer. It evens out the canvas of your face before you commence your strokes of mastery.

What are Face Primers?

Face Primers have multiple benefits yet are less popular than highlighting and contouring kits.

Simply put, they are the first things you should put on a clean face before you start your makeup routine, no matter how simple or complex it is.

Why shouldn’t you skip it?

If you’re watching a lot of YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials (I am) and wondering why your makeup doesn’t set as well as the lady in the video, here’s your answer. Please don’t skip applying a primer since it prepares your face and neck for the makeup you’re going to apply.

Some primers have a moisturizing element so you don’t need to slather on excessive face cream. Some primers not only have SPF but also ingredients like silicone which almost has a mousse foundation effect. You can literally hide fine lines, shrink your pores with the use of a primer.





How to choose a primer 

It’s important to choose a primer which suits your skin type and at least solves one issue or both: reducing shine, keeping your pores clean and closed and setting up a base. Different primers react differently on every skin type. A person with dry skin should use a primer which hydrates the skin and not focus on making the skin shine free. On the other hand, a person with oily skin should use a primer which concentrates on saying buh-bye to all the oiliness and open pores

Primers do the job of filling in pores so that the base makeup doesn’t seep into them. They also control oil and help your foundation not to look like a sheet of oil. They can be worn underneath makeup or just over a moisturized face to make your skin look healthy and glowy.

Be for Beauty recommends: Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser PrimerColorbar Perfect Match Primer

My favorite was Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 since my skin gets super red in tropical summers. I use that as a base and then apply a light foundation and set it with translucent powder. If I am running errands, I only wear a primer and head out of the house.



image courtesy: popsugar
image courtesy: popsugar


Set Your Makeup With Powders or Sprays 

Setting powders and sprays are a must have for a makeup maven. Applying all that makeup and not setting it can make you look sweaty and you make up might not even stay that long without it. Once you’ve completed your makeup look, set it with translucent powder or a setting spray.  This step will make a difference in how long your makeup lasts minimizing touch-ups altogether.

How to choose a setting powder

Choose setting powders that are not too heavy or they can make your makeup look caked up. Depending upon the undertones of your skin (pink/yellow), choose the setting powder which will melt into your skin. You can also “bake” your face with setting powders which give you an airbrushed look (Kim K being all our GOALS).

Be for Beauty recommends: NYX Cosmetics Studio Finishing PowderBen Nye Banana Luxury Face PowderMaybelline New York Face studio Master Fix Setting SprayL A Girl Pro Setting HD Matte Finish Spray.

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