First Look and Review: Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash

First Look and Review: Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash

After giving us the iconic Medimix Soap, this home grown company promises to keep our skin CLEAR with Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash. I have grown up to Medimix, and I don’t think there’s anything uncool about any product that gives you clear skin. Since it’s monsoon season, and breakout season is upon us, I was really excited to talk to you about this.

About Medimix

So, for those of you who don’t know about Medimix: it’s a Chennai based brand, that was started by Late Dr V P Sidhan who came from a family who believed in, and practised Ayurveda. It is a household brand, and help me out quite a few times through teen and adult years.


First Look: It comes in a very modest packaging in its brand colours: green and white. This formulation is paraben-free (YAY!) and soap-free.


Let’s take a closer look at what Medimix Ayurvedic Facewash has to offer

Manjistha, this works as a blood purifier (I think Safi used to have this), and helps heal rough skin.

Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) looks like a tree bark, and is very beneficial to clear acne (not just pimples). In fact, Lodhra can also help balance your Kapha and Vita doshas (there are three doshas or constitutions in ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

Neem: The be it all of Ayurveda, nimba has a ton of medicinal effects, and is also the holy grail of skin disorders. It is antibacterial and antiviral in nature, and also helps bring down inflammation.

This along with Turmeric and Aloe vera makes it an au naturale combination for clear and healthy skin. For those of who you follow me on Instagram know I use turmeric (organic) in a face pack every week. Aloe Vera is a household ingredient since it’s great for skin and hair.

How to Use:

Like any other face wash. I’d say take a drop, ‘coz it lathers really well and will be enough for your face. Massage it for about 30 seconds to get squeaky clean after the end of  a long day. If you have dry skin your skin may feel a bit drier upon usage so you can use it on affected areas , especially nose and chin (they get clogged easily).

I am going to update my social media after using this for sometime but I think is an appropriate remedy for anybody whose facing frequent remedies. And since it’s Medimix, you don’t have to think twice!


The best part about #MedimixAyurvedicFaceWash ?

It’s super affordable! You can buy the 50 ml pack for Rs 60, and 100 ml for Rs 100. You can also check out Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face Wash with Tanaka.

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