How to Fix Chipped and Brittle Nails

How to Fix Chipped and Brittle Nails

You’ve been there, and so have I: chipped nails have an affect on your style quotient as well as your mind. Here’s some good advice for brittle nails.

Don’t ignore the signs:

If you’ve noticed your tips are not feeling their usual self, or are going yellow in between trips to the salon, it’s time to take some to take care of your chipped nails. The causes could be the chemical laden polishes, cuticle cutting that harms the nail bed or nail extensions. Here’s what you should to avoid chipped nails.


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Clip them now!:

Take 20 minutes out in the day, remove paint at home or extensions at the salon, and trim your nails. The longer you take could lead to breakage. And we all know how long it takes for a full nail to grow back.


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Stay away from nail polish:

I know it’s hard but with the amount of chemicals in any nail enamel, even the breathable formulas, will only harm your nails. If your need to step out and think your nails just don’t make the cut, file your tips and apply a transparent top coat on each.


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Take a break from nail art and extensions:

We know it’s awesome and nail art is creative and pretty and it makes you feel good, but it definitely tends to weaken your nails. Acrylic nails also mean using adhesives which can cause your nails to break often. So take sometime off this and give your nails a breather.


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Tweak your diet: 

You may see that it’s not just your nails that are getting chipped. Maybe your hair is not looking as healthy or you’re facing many split-ends. A lot of this depends on our diet. The best way to tackle brittle nails and hair problems is to load up on salads, fresh fruits and veggies–they are a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Proteins chicken, eggs and fish help too. You can also opt for biotin supplements easily available at your neighbourhood chemist shop.


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DIY Remedies:

Studies have proven that olive oil may help repair damage and help strengthen your nails. Take some olive oil in a bowl (enough to dip your nails in), warm it in the microwave and dip your fingers in it for 15-20 minutes. Take your hands out and massage the oil on your nails, especially in and around your cuticles. This may take more than 30 days to show results so keep at it.

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