Review, Fact File and Be For Beauty’s Experience at Casa Deep Woods, Masinagudi

Review, Fact File and Be For Beauty’s Experience at Casa Deep Woods, Masinagudi

Be For Beauty’s founders Manavi and Pragati Siddhanti headed for a road trip to Masinagudi. And we ended up staying at Casa Deep Woods Resort. Here’s a review, and fact file of Casa Deep Woods, Masinagudi plus everything I thought you ought to know about the experience:

The Setup

Weekend getaways are usually built around the resort, which means there is enough to do in and around the resort so that you DON’T have to step out. After my sister Pragati and friend Harika spoke at length about their awesome times at The Serai, Chickmaglur or Kabini, Orange Country, my heart was praying the resort was half as good.



But it was far from that. The set up was very minimal and rustic. A quick (and dull) check in later, we were escorted to the left side of the resort.







First Impression: Casa Deep Wood Resort, Masinagudi

The resort is not very big, but has a few quaint areas to do your reading and take walks.

There is a pool inside the forest in an enclosed area but it’s very small and was not used by anybody while we were there. There is supposedly a stream that passes through the resort but when we reached the trail, the set up wasn’t quite beatific and there was no water (despite it being monsoon season).

There is also a recreation room: the only place you have a TV if you’re a total city girl, with a few board games and books. There is no Wi-Fi, contrary to what it says on, and lastly, no phone signal. So please be prepared to completely MIA.

Food and Dining

There is only one dining area where they serve Andhra food, and while the staff’s intentions were in the right place, some of the dishes were quite spicy and doesn’t necessarily appeal to all people. Casa Deep Wood’s staff is strict on breakfast, lunch and dinner timings–which can be a bit inflexible for those heading to other parts near Masinagudi. If you’re travelling with children, I suggest you have a word with the owner when leaving early or arriving late or making sure you plan your excursions around food slots.



The transition period

Casa Deep Woods used to be a Club Mahindra property but not anymore. In fact, it is owned/managed by a family who we happened to meet during our stay there. The resort is currently under renovation–which it needs. Traces of stones, mortar and construction workers is a bit off-putting when on a vacation.



A common porch and 3 rooms welcomed us but when I entered the room, I was disappointed.

The room has a double bed, extra bedding (chargable of course), a weird couch made of granite and straw furniture and foam stuffed pillows. The bathroom was absolutely bare with no wellness kits except for towels and a soap.

Having said that, the rooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable.

What the Rooms Lack

For example, the room has phones that don’t work which means you need to walk up to the reception for everything you need. The room has no kettle/tea set and cups if you want to have your coffee/tea in the room. So we must have ordered like 6 rounds in 2 days.

There is a huge ant problem in the room that hasn’t been solved. And since we were close to the Mudumalai forest, there was no shortage of creepy crawlies. If you’re going there with children, please go with sufficient protection.





What you can do

Thankfully, my sister’s friends (and the kids) proved to be great company. We made most of the porch and the cool breeze for bonding sessions. The government is very strict about alcohol but the resort did help us out in getting a few beers.

Feel free to carry some board games, books and anything else you like to keep yourself occupied.





There are safari options: we went for an afternoon safari in Bandipur and spotted some deers, elephants, wild gaurs, mongoose and more. If you’re with children, this is a must. There are chances of spotting tigers and leopards but it really depends on the weather too.


I have a huge problem with paying Rs 22,000 for two nights on a twin sharing basis, when the set up at Casa Deep Woods was minimal. I would have no problems if this was a luxury resort or even if the basic amenities were in place, but if it hadn’t been for good company, I wouldn’t have had fun.

Fast Facts: Casa Deep Woods, Masinagudi
How to get there: Drive down from Bangalore to Masinagudi via Mysore
Drive time: 5 to 6 hours
Spacious Room? Yes
Clean linens? Yes
Living Room? I’ve read some rooms have it. Ours didn’t.
Toiletries: Very little
Mini Bar/Kettle/Hair Dryer? No
Geyser? Yes
Telephone with direct dialing? No
Choice in food: 6-7 dishes in Andhra style
Entertainment options? Very little. Please make arrangements.
Price: Rs 10,500 per person for 2 nights (including meals)

Have you been to Masinagudi? Tell me about your experience in the comments’ section.

All photos by the man behind the camera, Suchindra Kanakapalya.

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