Reviews and Prices: Best and Worst of Plum Goodness Products

Reviews and Prices: Best and Worst of Plum Goodness Products

A 100% vegan brand – since its launch, Plum Goodness has stood out for its claims on being free of phthalates and parabens. It’s also one of the few skincare brands to offer skincare by skin types and skin textures including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.  Plum provides us with a massive range of skincare, haircare, and makeup products. While some of them have made them have proven to be cult products that are long-lasting or promising results, some just didn’t meet our high expectations.  So here, we are today, with some of the best and worst of Plum Goodness products.

Reviews and Prices – Best Of Plum Goodness Products

  1. Plum Goodness Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash ( Rs 345 )

From the skincare range of Plum Goodness products, this is undoubtedly the best one. A gentle, non-drying formula, this Plum Goodness product will work highly on oily skin. Due to the anti-harmful formulation, there will be no breakouts after using this. Enriched with green tea extracts and glycolic acid, you are sure to get clean skin within days of use.

Best of Plum Goodness - Green Tea face wash

      2. Plum Goodness Green Tea Clear Face Mask ( Rs 490 )

The winner of Nykaa Beauty Awards 2017, this face mask from Plum Goodness is like a boon for acne-prone skin family. People who get pimples now and then have to take extra care of their skin. The multi-dimensional care of cleansing, scrubbing, masking is quite a task. However, with this mask, everything that is needed to be done is taken care of. The gentle exfoliation by glycolic acid removes dead cells and impurities. While the green tea extracts make sure that the pimples never come back.

best of plum goddness products - green tea face mask

       3.Plum Goodness Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub ( Rs 335 )

If you are looking for an everyday scrub, this might be the one for you. One of the best of Plum Goodness products, this scrub is very gentle on your skin. It gently removes dead cells, promoting the natural skin renewal process. Use this mild scrub to get a squeaky clean and shiny face throughout the day. PS: Do a patch test to make sure it suits your skin.

best of plum products - grape seed scrub

       4. Plum Goodness Hibiscus and Rosemary Gentle Defence Shampoo ( Rs 675 )

Infused with the natural power of hibiscus and rosemary, this Plum Goodness product is a dandruff fighter that doesn’t dry out your hair. The sulphate free shampoo is indeed one of my favourites from Plum Goodness. The gentle yet effective shampoo keeps you and your hair happy. If you use hair colour, this will be a safe shampoo for you as well. The beautiful aroma of the shampoo makes the experience even better.

Hibiscus and rosemary shampoo - best of plum goodness product

       5. Plum Wild Cherries and Kiwi Body Butter ( Rs 650 )

This is a perfect body butter for you if you have flaky and dry skin. Containing with all the fantastic qualities of shea butter and kokum butter is this excellent body butter from Plum Goodness. The body butter melts into your skin and is perfect for those of us with dry skin or drier skin, a common concern during colder month. Bonus: this product smells like a cupcake!

wild cherry and kiwi body butter - best of Plum products

      6. Plum Goodness Green Tea Renewed Clarity Face Gel ( Rs 575 )

Finding the perfect night cream for someone with oily skin has always been a bit of a struggle. Formulated with a breakthrough light gel texture, the night cream is specially designed for oily skin. Apply the night gel before going to sleep and wake up with beautiful, clear skin but without the grease. If this does not excite you now, I don’t know what will!

Grren Tea face clarity gel by Plum Goodness

     7. Plum Goodness Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal ( Rs 495 )

All the kohl lovers will agree with us on this one – Plum’s kajal is one of the best kajals available in the market at this price range. Thus, this is a must-have in the best of Plum Goodness products collection. The blackest black kajal is smudge-proof and waterproof. The gel-based single swipe kajal is soft and creamy. Infused with Vitamin E, it ensures that no harm is done to your eyes.

Plum kajal

Reviews and Prices – The Worst of Plum Goodness Products

      1. Plum Goodness Chamomile and White Tea After Sun Recovery Body Gel ( Rs 575 )

Anyone who has had a sunburn knows just how painful it is. Besides being a tropical country, we haven’t had a Sun Recovering Gel or anything particularly formulated for sunburns except this one. While they tapped into an unexplored segment, the product doesn’t deliver. The after-sun recovery gel from Plum Goodness fails to stand up to its given promises. It does not work great to take care of the skin irritation or in reducing sunburns. However, you can feel a cooling sensation post-application, but that’s that.

chamomile and white tea cream- worst of plum products

     2. Plum Goodness E-luminance Deep Moisturization Cream ( Rs 575 )

Regardless of all the power ingredients present in the product, the outcome is contrary to what we anticipated. The cream is supposed to provide hydration and maintain the pH balance of the skin. But this Plum Goodness product does not do as claimed. Along with that, the heavy-weight formula is quite uncomfortable on the skin. If you have dry skin, you can still give it a chance. But for those of us with oily skin, E-luminance Deep Moisturization Cream is a pass.

Plum goodness e-luminence cream

     3. Plum Goodness Natur Studio Easy Going Makeup Remover ( Rs 525 )

There are many makeup removers available in the market, and this one by Plum Goodness can be skipped. Removing a matte liquid lipstick or a water-proof eyeliner with this one rather makes your face messier instead of cleaner. As claimed, the product is not a one swipe makeup remover. Instead, it takes around four to five swipes, sometimes more. This might not be the worst of Plum Goodness products. But it inevitably does not comes up to the list of the best ones either.

plum goodness makeup remover

This was our take on the best and worst of Plum Goodness products. Let us know which one is your favourite.


All images are taken from Plum Goodness official website where you can shop
or browse through more information for any of the products below.








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