#RoadTrip: A weekend away from Bangalore led way to Masinagudi

#RoadTrip: A weekend away from Bangalore led way to Masinagudi

My last trip to Bangalore called for a weekend away from it.  I decided to take the weekend off with my sister, (and Be For Beauty‘s Co Founder), my niece and my sister’s friends aka perfect strangers.

For those of you who have been following me on Instagram know that I’ve been in Bangalore for about 10 days now. My second home in which my sister and brother in law graciously hosted me too often, is now being locked up (more details to come!) and we thought it’s the best time to take a roadtrip.

Destination? Masinagudi. Basically 4 kilometers (felt like 15 km) into Mudumalai Forest in Tamil Nadu.



Background Information: Since you’re actually reading this post, let me tell you a little bit about myself. This was my first road trip in 2016, and I completely loved the idea of going for a weekend getaway with people I barely knew. But that’s the current SOM. In the past, I have been wary of the people I travel with. For the simple reason that travel buds can make or break a holiday. But this time, this year has been about doing things a wee bit differently.

I went to the extent of knowing nothing about how we’re going or even the name of the resort (what a control freak!).

Let me start by saying that I haven’t been this unprepared while taking trips, but something about this trip made my sister literally dump our clothes in an airbag on Thursday night. Friday morning started at 5.30 am. With a quick shower, breakfast and lock up, we headed to meet my sister’s friends: Harika, Suchindra and Suchitra and their daughter, Vaibhavi.

That makes 7 of us in the car.


Roadtrips and Cars

I am usually very restless when I fly coach (which is all the time), sit in my friend’s Alto or take a road trip in a car with no leg space. With 2 girls aged 5, and my legs, I was relieved and super comfy in Suchitra’s Land Rover. Please don’t ask me which one. All I know is that it has Discovery written on its bumper; it drives super smooth, without any jerks and has a sunroof. What else do you wanna know?



The Ride
Let’s get something straight: you obviously don’t leave at the time you aimed at. When I went to Mukteshwar back in 2014, we were supposed to leave at 8 am, and ended up leaving at noon (thanks guys!). However, we were behind the clock by like an hour/hour and a half. A quick bye-bye to Bangalore via the NICE route (the good highway), and we started heading towards Mysore.

The Music

If you’re in a group, you need to make the group happy. Keep the tempo high, and your spirits may just soar too. Make sure you have a lot of music on your phone: access to Bluetooth, a good USB wire (mine never works). And when none of this works, make use of sturdy apps like Wynk, Gaana and Deezer to help everyone get in the mood.



IMG_0116 edited


We stopped for a quick breakfast at the iconic Kamath later. Did you see the idli wrapped in leaves? That’s called Easy Hittu  or Hotte, and is steamed this way. Great way to stay off the calories, and get into the groove of coconut trees, rain and an array of Southern flavours.

The Journey

I’m not exaggerating when I say I ended up looking at the sky than I have in a long time. Bangalore and its neighbours’ are closely interwoven with a thematic weather.

The clouds told their own story: from candy cane to greyscale, I spent sometime fiddling with my camera, my iPhone, VSCO and hyperlapse.



The road to Masinagudi is pretty cool and almost crater free. Not many potholes to look out for–just some good weather–which is why we cruised by Mandya, Srirangapatna and tried to leave Mysore as soon as we can (Note: you may find traffic here!)





From sunny side up to hardcore straight up cloud porn, (I love that phrase by the way), the weather triggers a thousand thoughts in your head. I think taking a roadtrip is a great way to create white noise, drift away from the unimportant, and reflect while you have others around you.



This one time, a friend confided having doubts about his good friend post a road trip. Something about his demeanour, the way he kept his room–or not pooling in for Petrol pissed him off.



A road trip is a great way to know more about the people you’re travelling with. For instance, I got a peak into Pragati and Harika’s camaraderie. Or Suchi and Suchi’s dedication to their daughter who had 4 nicknames if I’m not wrong.

Or how open they were to get to know me.

Are you getting married? Take 2 trips with the person you choose to spend your life with. And include a road trip: this will give you a good idea about their irritation levels, nausea, and their favourite playlist.



The Ride Along: Bangalore to Bandipur
After telling the children, Niyati and Vaibhavi to keep calm and get ready for the jungle, it was time for the excitement to take over. Lush green forests took over on either side of the road while a slight drizzle made for a perfect sunroof.




After spotting a herd of deers, we bid adieu to Karnataka and crossed the border to Tamil Nadu (no booze allowed, by the way!). A few kilometers of up and down, and all around, we were super excited to finally make our way to our little haven, Casa Deep Resorts.

Find out what happened there, and my review of Casa Deep Resorts, Masinagudi, right here.

All images via Suchindra Kanakanpalya aka Suchindra clicks have been shot with Canon 700D and Olympus Pen Series Camera and iPhone 6S.

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