Summer Woes: Mosquito Bites


So I found a lot of us complaining about mosquito bites and not-so-pretty marks that they leave behind.

I frankly thought I’d a bout of chicken pox for a minute.

So here’s what one of the most sort after, natural beauty experts in India, Ms. Suparna Trikha, has to say…

-If you want to keep mosquitoes away altogether then try and rub onions on the end of your door. I’d suggest use it on the balcony or an area where not too many people sit. However, if you have guests coming over, this might not be so doable.

-So try a few drops of lemongrass oil in a diffuser. It’ll keep these nasty vampires away.

-If, like me, you have already been bitten( it’s not your fault, your blood is too sweet), and it doesn’t look as cool as a vampire bite…use sandalwood and paste on these marks. It’ll help calm the skin.

-If that’s too much of an effort, grab the coconut oil bottle in your bathroom and use a few drops on mosquite bites. Apply, don’t rub, Trikha warns us.

-Finally, if you want to get rid of the bite venom, then use white vinegar on them. I said WHITE vinegar.

Let me know if there are any queries.

Happy Sunday.