Tips To Work From Home When Quarantined During Coronavirus (or Otherwise)

Tips To Work From Home When Quarantined During Coronavirus (or Otherwise)

I write this blog with a lot of anxiety and worry which has us shaking. Coronavirus has the world in a state of lockdown with most of us working from home for at least 15 days. I saw a lot of content, messages, Instagram stories on many of us being worried, working from home, so I thought I’ll share some of the tips to help you stay productive when working from home.

Before we start I’d just like to clarify that I have been working from home (on and off) for the past 5 years. Work from home has more flexibility when it comes to your personal life but can be lonely too. I hope these tips prove to be helpful!

Tips To Work From Home During Quarantine

1. Make your bed.

If you’re not used to working from home, and have little motivation…try this. Make your bed. That’s one task done. If you make your bed, there’s little temptation to go back immediately. (Afternoon naps can be an added advantage, or a need.)

2. Sanitise your workstation and phone.

Before I start, I use a disinfectant wipe, or simply use a tissue with hand sanitizer to disinfect your laptop and my phone. This is probably the most important step in a time like today.

3. Find your routine.

When I wake up early, I get to work before the bells start. If I wake up later, I eat breakfast and then start with work. So find your rythm during the first few days. A lot of us who are used to working remotely suggest getting most of the work done by lunchtime. I, for one, find myself quite alert at night. So find your groove that suits you as well as your team.

4. Make sure you shower.

The temptation to being lazy is no stranger to me. But simple things like taking a shower, or making the bed go a long way. Take it a step further, and dress up once in a while like you’re going out to take a break from pyjamas.

5. Draw boundaries.

If your family is at home with you, define your area of work (for me it’s my table) or hours in which you’re not to be disturbed including phone calls or video conferences.

However, take a coffee break, eat lunch with them or share your memes in person to see their reaction.

I’ve had my husband home for the past few days and we tend to work in different rooms, taking frequent breaks in between.

6. Make most of virtual chats and worksheets.

I’ve used Slack, Trello, Asana, Google hangouts (which is my least favourite) and Zoom which is a video conferecing app. However, log off when you need to focus on a sheet or in my case, just write.

Other than this, make sure you don’t watch excessive news: I overdosed on the news about two days ago and I was anxious, almost sick. Limit it to 2-3 times in the day. Make sure you meditate, exercise or stretch once a day. Brew a cup of sleepy time soothing tea and be grateful for your health!

Hope we get through this together!