Top 8 Hair Colours To Brighten Up 2020

Top 8 Hair Colours To Brighten Up 2020

Just because we’re well into 2020, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to change something. What happened to that new year’s resolution that you would experiment with your style? We are creatures of habit, and the comfort of the same old style is forever tempting. And whilst you still haven’t tried flared jeans, or tried a dramatic colourful eye look, you can still change up your hair game.

Treat yourself to a pamper sesh at your local salon, go for a new look that will help you look refreshed and put together, even when you don’t necessarily feel it. You will see that your clothing and makeup style will change along with your hair – darker hair with bold pink lips, silver with a nude lip and a Girlboss power suit vibe, you’ll soon start to see a style evolution!

So without any further delay, here are top 8 hair colours to try in 2020.

Top Hair Colours To Try In 2020 

Chocolate Coloured Hair Of Your Dreams

What if your hair looked as good as your favourite sugary treat? Going chocolate is a dark and safe colour choice – in fact, people all over the world have developed a passion for the deeper shade of brown. It flatters all skin tones, and it looks beautiful all year round. Imagine a sun-kissed tan and deep brown locks. Whether you’re already a natural brunette or you want to make a dramatic change to your looks, you will love trying chocolate brown!


Blonde Hair, Dark Roots = No Touch Up

 We’ve seen a regular blonde, and though apparently blondes have more fun, we reckon blondies with dark roots could have even more fun! It’s an edgy take on blonde, and it requires less maintenance – what more could you want? No more touching up your roots, and instead, say hello to the two-toned look. It looks stunning with your hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail to showcase the darker roots and show a slow blend into blonde ends. For those of you loving bohemian vibes, then beach waves to wear with your favourite cotton dress will also look the part with darker roots.

 A Brown Balayage Is Always In

 A chestnut balayage on chocolate hair is a match made in heaven. Opt for lighter strands to frame your face before letting the others fade into a chestnut brown shade. Balayage adds depth and sophistication to darker hair, and chestnut brown balayage look picture-perfect on raven locks. Whether you have a blunt bob or long flowing locks, you will love rocking the brown balayage look. Lock in the hue with colour protective shampoos and conditioners, and treat yourself to a mask once or twice a week to hydrate your hair – colour treatments like these can seriously dry out your hair if you’re not careful!

 Ombré Hair Looks Great

 Ombré made its arrival in 2009 and we saw all our favourite Tumblr stars perfecting their technique and giving the look a go! 11 years on, it still looks stylish, if done correctly. No one wants stripy hair or yellow ends. Instead, get your trusty hairstylist to do the job. The look embraces dark-to-light, with the ends generally being blonde or honey tones. It goes with anyone’s personal style and can be tried in various shades. Go traditional with brown to blonde or play with colour with various tones of pink or blue.

 Add Some Ginger Spice To Your Life

 Ginger is a bold, statement shade. If you really want to make a change, then now is a better time than any! Ginger flatters particularly lighter skin tones, and highlights your facial features. The hair colour adds depth, and is easy to maintain. Opt for the Hollywood Siren look and curl your hair in loose waves – you can rock this for your next occasion, or even to the office with a bold suit.

Shades Of Silver

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Because silver is just bewitching… We fall in love with silver hair, it looks perfect with cropped locks and compliments pastel makeup. The likes of Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, blogger Victoria Magrath have all given the look a go and totally worked it! For such high-maintenance hair colour, make sure you head to your local salon to lighten your locks before braving silver. To maintain the beautiful metallic shade, get your hands on silver shampoos to give it a healthy, nourished finish, all whilst avoiding brassy tones.

 Rose Gold Hair Is Trending In 2020

One of the hottest trends is rose gold hair. Think pink with tiny flashes of copper for a bit of depth. We first fell in love with it when Emma Roberts became a fan, and ever since, we’ve been lusting after this shade. It’s bold, feminine and shows confidence – if you’re looking to add a splash of colour, this is the shade to go for! We recommend adding darker shades of pink into the mix for a glossy look. Add gold hair accessories such as feather-shape hair clips for a bit of glamour.

Give Me Red 

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Red is striking, passionate and romantic. Opt for an Ariel-esque shade and make a statement. You’ll turn heads wherever you go! Though such a bold shade is harder to maintain, it’ll be worth the painstaking effort! To stop the stunning shade from fading, choose your hair products carefully. Sulfate-free shampoos won’t strip your hair of its fantastic new colour, and focus the application on your bangs and parting as they grease the fastest and only wash your hair every few days. You can also find colour-depositing shampoos to add a splash of brightness to your redhead!

Pretty As a Lilac

We mentioned rose gold – but what if pink just isn’t your colour? If you are searching for a feminine shade, then purple will be your next go-to. You can go for a pastel tone such as lilac which looks striking with a monochrome outfit, or a deep jewel shade that will catch everyone’s eye and dazzle them! Over the last few years, celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Ellie Goulding have tried the look but now it’s your turn. Make it your own and add a splash of various tones of purple for a creative and unique take on the look.

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About The Author: Beth Strong

Beth Strong is the UK Editor for All Things Hair and has worked in beauty journalism for over four years. When she’s not writing about hair, she can be found wandering around London looking for the best new brunch spots.


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