We Tried It: Aaranyaa Energy Enhancing (EE) Anti-Wrinkle Okra Night Cream

We Tried It: Aaranyaa Energy Enhancing (EE) Anti-Wrinkle Okra Night Cream

Hello, everyone!We are back with another review and this time it is an Energy Enhancing anti wrinkle okra night cream from the skin care collection-

We are always trying new products, and we’re back with another review. This time it’s an Energy Enhancing or an EE cream. It’s also an anti-wrinkle Okra Night Cream by Aaranyaa.

About Aaranyaa

Aaranyaa has been quite popular amongst those who look for natural skincare and haircare beauty brands. They promise to follow the philosophy and essence of Ayurveda in skincare and haircare. Aaranyaa products are FREE from parabens, allergens, and strong preservatives. I like it that their shampoos and face washes contain very low or no sulfate at all. 


Combined with natural ingredients like Gotu kola, amla, licorice, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and Okra extract- the cream promises to intercept the early signs of aging or any visible wrinkles. Shea butter and cocoa butter does its best job in providing complete hydration to the skin.

How to use

Wash our face with a good quality cleanser and then apply this cream in dots on our face and then gently massage our face in upward circular motion. Since our skin cells do most of their work while we sleep, we recommend you use it at night. 

My views about Aaranyaa’s EE Okra Cream

I don’t really need to use this cream on the full face as I don’t have too many wrinkles. Irrespective of this, many of us tend to get fine lines around their eye area, dark spots and a dull complexion ( all thanks to the teenage stress and loads of college assignments!). So what I do is take a very little amount of it and apply it only around my eye area before finally hitting the bed at night. This is a boon to us for recovering from the minor beauty woes that youngsters might have to face these days.  

What about the texture of the cream, you ask? One thing I absolutely love about this product is that it’s non-greasy. Aaranyaa’s products claim to use water as a base which makes their products light on application. While my skin is oily during summers and extremely dry during the winters, I have a feeling I can use this Okra cream all times of the year!

Will recommend this to others?

Guess what? I already recommended this cream to my mother and she absolutely loved it! However, I’d recommend it to anybody who has fine lines around the eyes or is above 30!

Price: Rs 745 for 50 g.

Buy it here.






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