We Tried It: Rejuve Spa and Salon, The Lalit Delhi

We Tried It: Rejuve Spa and Salon, The Lalit Delhi

Hello, everyone! How’s your week going? Last week I went to Lalit Delhi to review their salon and I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Lalit Delhi

Be it blogger events, press conferences or exhibitions, there’s always something happening at The Lalit Delhi. I’m a frequent visitor as an attendee and after having shot there for Women’s Health back in my India Today days, I’m quite well-versed with the hotel.


We Tried It: Rejuve Spa and Salon, The Lalit Delhi
We Tried It: Rejuve Spa and Salon, The Lalit Delhi
Rejuve Spa and Salon

So, the third floor of Hotel Lalit is dedicated to rejuvenation. It has a swimming pool, fitness centre, spa/salon as well as an exhibit centre.

After a warm welcome by the Spa Manager, I was taken into the spa and salon section. I found the section to be quite spacious making most of natural light and using neutrals in their decor.

The salon is divided into three sections: hair wash stations, the salon section as well as rooms for facials and other derma treatments (check out their menu, it’s extensive!)

I made my way straight to the salon wherein I was briefed about two rituals I’d be experiencing: a hair spa as well as a pedicure.

About Hair Spa

If you know me at all, you know I’m a pro at these.

I had a lot of questions on the kind of hair spa it’d be and the staff was courteous in answering these. However, when I asked them for more details about the ingredients, I didn’t get the best reply. It was a L’Oreal hair spa (I don’t know the name) and retails at Rs 3,250 at the salon.

The spa started with a hair wash after which the fusio-dose spray, which is the main part of a hair ritual was applied through my scalp and ends. Since I’d shared my problem about hair-fall, the ritualist assured me this hair spa helps the both the scalp and the hair.

I found it a little surprising that my therapist did this at the hair wash station itself. After this, he applied a hair mask on my strands with a brush (I know many salons who do it strand by strand). He then gave me an invigorating scalp massage that really helped me de-stress and also helped massage the mask onto my hair. While the steamer was on, a second therapist started my pedicure.

The spa ended with a hair wash and a cool air-dry.

We Tried It: Rejuve Spa and Salon, The Lalit Delhi
We Tried It: Rejuve Spa and Salon, The Lalit Delhi
About the pedicure

Given how many salons I have the opportunity to go to, I felt The Lalit should upgrade to salon basins or pedicure chairs. The whole water in a small tub was quite old fashioned and too regressive for a hotel that gets hundreds of visitors every day. I was very happy when the feedback was taken very well by the communications team.

Back to the pedicure: after cutting, filing my toes, the pedicurist was a pro when it came to exfoliation. He was thorough yet gentle with his techniques which I really appreciate.

Now, given that this their luxury pedicure, I’d expected a longer foot massage or application of a foot masque/soak. But that wasn’t the case. The pedicure ended after a relaxing massage in about 30 minutes.

Rejuve Salon had a great collection of Sally Hansen and Bio Sculpture: both are high-quality brands that are long lasting.

Team Rejuve is highly experienced and is very warm. They cater to every need and for me, that goes a long way.


Have you been to Rejuve Spa or Salon? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments’ section.

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