The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide For Daily Makeup

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide For Daily Makeup

Over the past few months, I have realized that makeup is more about creativity and skill than about perception (instead of endless YouTube videos with background music and sub-par acting skills). Far from what we sometimes are made to believe, makeup is great to accentuate your best features but also to unleash your creativity.  I spoke to a lot of my girlfriends on this topic, and everybody shared with me their makeup woes:

Which products should I use? How can I apply them? How much is too much? How can I do my makeup  quickly?

With an equal amount of resonance, I made up my mind: I absolutely had to do a post on a daily makeup routine. So I called Sohani, a good friend and beauty consultant based in Basel. 

Without further ado, here are 6 steps to looking your best, every single day:

Start With A Clean Face

Always, absolutely always, clean your face before hitting the sack especially if you use makeup regularly. In winters, I use coconut oil to remove makeup (it’s the best for eye makeup). Then I wash my face with lukewarm water (to get rid of the greasiness) with an organic face wash (Aaranya Neem Tulsi Face Wash) and then I apply night cream. This takes me a total of 5 minutes, but these 5 minutes are more important than the time it takes to apply makeup.

My favourites: Patanjali coconut oil/ L’Occitane Cleansing milk
Lazy Girl Hack

Stash makeup removal wet wipes or any baby wipes on your bedside. I have used the Johnson&Johnson wet wipes more than my daughter on days I just couldn’t drag myself to the dresser.

Perfect Your Base

Apply a lightweight cream on your face and neck. Use the one that your skin agrees with. I usually use Shiseido day cream with no SPF, but if you are not allergic, SPF 18 might be a good idea. Next step is perhaps the most important, and should not be skipped (like I did all the time) is to use a face primer. Not only does it help maintain a good base, a primer also helps minimise the appearance of pores. You can use a face primer, BB/CC cream or a tinted moisturizer for this step.  It’s only after this that you should ideally apply a foundation.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Image from Pinterest
How To Pick The Right Foundation

Now chose the foundation carefully, don’t get carried away (by the lady who has her sales target) – this is a personal choice.

  • Choose the shade that matches your skin tone. Do not buy a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. You don’t want a mask on your face.
  • Choose a finish depending on the texture of your skin. Since I have dry skin and it’s cold in Basel, I’m using a liquid foundation. In summers, I tend to buy a stick or a mousse- based foundation.
  • The application is key when it comes to a foundation. Do you prefer using your fingers, opt for brushes or beauty blenders? Blenders are great: they help blend the formula in seamlessly, which is why they’re my personal favourite. Fingers (when clean) are great but only when you want light coverage. Fingers should ideally be avoided when applying a liquid foundation.
The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Image from Pinterest, Credits:

Take out an ounce of foundation on the back of your hand. Take a brush/use your fingers and apply it in a dot method. Then blend. PS: Don’t forget your jawline, neck and ears too.

My favourites: NYX Studio Perfect Primer, Mac Studio Sculpt and Loreal Beauty blender/Mermaid Brush

Conceal Like A Pro

If you need to, but this is not something that I personally do every day. The problem areas for women (maybe more for Indian women) are forehead, chin and under eyes. It might be a good idea to thread your forehead and chin – the complexion remains far more even on a face that has been threaded. 

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Conceal

Use the concealer as straight lines (like tiger prints), 4 strokes in each area are more than enough. Once applied, blend as usual. After this step, your face should be even and it should look a little bit pale.

If it is looking pale, you are doing this right. 🙂

Skip the compact powder completely, if you have dry skin.


Your foundation and concealer tend to flatten out your face. Blush and bronzer help add dimension and a natural colour to your face. Use a lightweight blush (I prefer a powder-based brush) in fleshtones pink and draw a 3 using one of the biggest blush brushes that you can find. Do this close to your side locks and not directly on your cheeks, you want everything to look as natural as possible.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Applying Blush, Image from Pinterest
Products I use: The Body Shop All In 1 Cheek Colour


When it comes to eyes, less is more doesn’t apply. Use shades of brown and cream for a day look. Use a flat based eyeshadow brush to tap on a colour on the dome of your eyes. For a more dramatic look, you can blend two shades but you can avoid this step if you’re a beginner. Even during the day, a little bit of shimmer does not hurt anyone.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Image from Pinterest, Credits:


Apply a liner and kohl on your water line.  You can go classic with black or experiment with colours like greys and browns. I use a combination of a liquid eyeliner on my lashes and an eye pencil for my eyes, but do what best suits you. I have been applying liner since my school days, so the liquid liner is not messy for me.

Sohani taught me how to use a mascara and a lash curler, and while to some these may seem irrelevant but you will see your eyes open up, with these simple tips.

Warm the lash curler (using your hair dryer) for a perfect curl and use a mascara that adds volume. I do not recommend fake lashes, unless you have very light growth or if it’s a very special occasion.

There are many brow kits available on the market, but I strongly recommend threading your eyebrows on a regular basis. Shaped eyebrows add character even without makeup. Set your brows with a transparent mascara.

Products I use Clinique All About Shadow Quad in 10 ), Lakme Precise Fine Liner and Kohl, Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Lazy girl tip – Double up your cheek tint or blush as an eyeshadow when travelling. I love using a pale pink just to look more awake and add a dash of colour.

Choose The Right Lip Colour

Oh my god! We are almost done; I can hardly believe it. With all this magic on your face already, for a more natural look – apply a light coloured lip balm and you are done. In case you are a lipstick lover like me, apply a lighter shade of pink or brown. If you’re stepping out to an evening gala, use matte finishes – reds, browns, oranges and shocking pinks. Use a lipstick brush, if you have the time for a defined outline, if not, then just go ahead and apply using the stick.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Image from Pinterest
Products I use – Sephora, Loreal, Mac and Lakme
The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: The completed look

At the end of it all, use a makeup setting spray to seal your hard work – this will help your makeup remain intact for a longer time.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Daily MakeUp: Ready to go!

PS: All the links in this post, take you (in most cases) to the exact product that I use. So feel free to use them as your guide, these preferences have been made over a couple of years of trying and testing. And you know what, I revealed all my cards! 🙂

Guys, I had a wonderful time with Sohani and some of these tips have actually come in very handy to my daily makeup routine. Sohani Doijode Mohite is a fashion stylist from Bangalore, after winning Mrs Karnataka 2016, she started running a grooming studio in Basel. I visit her regularly for my brows. If you like what you saw, go ahead and fix an appointment with her.

What did you think of this makeup routine? Will you try it? Let us know in the comments section.

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