So Kawaii! 7 Unique Wellness & Beauty Experiences You Must Try In Japan

So Kawaii! 7 Unique Wellness & Beauty Experiences You Must Try In Japan

All this time in quarantine is making me miss travel, just like you. I’m sure I’m not the only one watching A Day In My Life Vlogs on YouTube, reading up Japanese beauty secrets and binge-watching Queer Eye Japan. It’s not just tourists who adore the mix of the traditional and modern influences of Japan but beauty enthusiasts too. While their native ingredients have found their way in global skincare (camellia oil, matcha green tea, rice bran powder to name a few), today we’re going to talking about wellness and beauty experiences that are a must-try in Japan. Some are expensive, some are therapeutic and some are just plain unique! Let’s get started!

Unique Beauty Experiences In Japan

It’s no wonder then that some of Japan’s biggest attractions are linked to beauty and wellness, as they’re a big part of the Japanese way of life. That said, listed below are among the best of these attractions that anyone visiting Japan must experience at least once.

Indulge at the Shiseido Store

The Shiseido Store boasts an extensive collection of beauty products under the famed Shiseido group, like Clé de Peau Beauté and Maquillage. These products are the crème de la crème of the beauty industry, and you’ll find everything you need here. You can even get store-exclusive products, then get a world-class facial for around 10,400 yen (₹7,300) or the luxurious SYNACTIF Concentré skincare treatment worth about 55,000 yen (₹38,557)

Get a sparkling water head spa

In Japan, a trip to a salon is an experience, unlike anything. And one service you must try is this head spa, where your hair is washed with carbonated, mineral-rich water. The sparkling water head spa starts with an invigorating head massage following by a sparkling water hair rinse which is said to deep cleanse scalp & hair, ease stress and reduces hair loss too. It’s a luxury service, prepare to shell out north of 8,000 yen (₹5,600) for one session. But it’s definitely worth it, as it uses the most advanced spa techniques, and offers plenty of pampering to boot.

Be beautiful at a ‘maid’ salon

The Japanese take pride in kawaii. It’s evident not just in the country’s well-documented pop culture aesthetics, but also in its people, to whom the concept of kawaii transcends across age, gender, and class. Enter maid salons where women in costumes offer grooming and wellness services. Maid salons, inspired by anime culture include shampoo, eyebrow grooming, scalp massage, and hand massage one can get. And taking photos with your stylist is permitted too!

Unique Wellness Experiences To Enjoy In Japan

In photo, Hakone Onsen. Image courtesy: _wellissimo_ via Instagram

Bathe in an onsen

Onsens or hot spring baths have been a traditional part of Japanese wellness. Not only are these hot spring baths refreshings, they also ease the muscles, relieves symptoms of cold and flu, improves metabolism, and aids in weight loss. And you can get some of the best hot baths in the world in an onsen, which is Japanese for ‘hot spring’. An Expat Bets guide to onsen springs notes how an onsen is extremely popular in Japan, and that a dip in one can cost anywhere from 410 (₹286) to 840 yen (₹587) for adults. There’s also a range of choices, with some of the best being the Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma and the Hakone Onsen in Kanagawa.

Get lost in a Japanese garden

Taking a stroll in a garden is good for your wellbeing. Walking in itself can improve your cardiovascular fitness, while being one with nature awakens your senses, with the views helping calm your mind and reduce anger and stress. Japan has some of the most stunning gardens you’ll ever see, particularly in Kyoto. Other notable gardens to visit are Kenroku-en in Kanazawa and the astonishing gardens of the Adachi Museum of Art in Yasugi.


Unique Wellness Experiences To Try In Japan
Photo by Snapwire from Pexels

Attend a tea ceremony

Quoted as a cornerstone of Japanese culture in The Culture Trip , the Japanese tea ceremony promotes mindfulness and encourages gratitude. It involves a temple priest leading a ritual in which water is boiled in a traditional iron kettle before matcha green tea is whisked in. The tea is then poured in an elegant ceramic bowl, and then passed around for sipping. Of course, green tea itself is healthy, as it contains cancer-fighting antioxidants, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, and even improves brain function.

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