Valentine’s Day Special: 7 Easy DIY Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, the pressure in on! Instead of spending a bomb, why not DIY?

Today, I am going to give you guys few DIY gift ideas that you can gift to ANYONE whom you love immensely. Remember, in DIY, everything is about the effort! Here is a roundup of the most creative DIY Gift Ideas.

We have categorised them by difficult: Almost Easy, Medium Easy, Easy, Very Easy and Very Very Easy. 


  1. Mason Jar Gifts via A Pumpkin and A Princess.
    Number of things needed: 4; Difficulty Level: Easy

Candy is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. If your partner or your friends have a sweet tooth, this one is super easy V-Day gift. You can also see the full tutorial here and filled the mason jar¬†filled with #hundredreasonstoloveyou on colorful parchment.

Printable Fortune Cookies for Valentine’s Day via Evermine

2. Printable Valentine’s Day Hearts via Evermine.
Number of things needed: 3; Difficulty Level: VERY VERY Easy

I think this is ideal for someone like Manavi who is a sucker for printables. All you have to do is download and print out the paper.You can write a customized message on the back of the colored strips. And you’re done! You can see the¬†full tutorial here.


3.  Home Decor via My List Of Lists
Number of things needed: 3; Difficulty Level: VERY Easy

Adding a little love to your table or mantelpiece; this one would be on top for people who love making their home more beautiful! The best part is that it’s super affordable; see full list and tutorial here. And you can color-coordinate with your room and keep it for longer!



Pom Pom Necklace by @uncommondesignsonline


4. Pom Pom Necklace via Uncommon Designs
Number of things needed: 3; Difficulty Level:Easy

From tassels to pom poms, kitsch jewelry is a great gift. Here is a tutorial of DIY Pom Pom Heart Shaped Necklace.


Heart Shaped Bookmarks by @howaboutorange

5. Bookmarks for book nerds via How About Orange
Number of things needed: 1, Difficulty Level: Almost Easy

If your partner is a sucker for books, then you must surprise your partner with heart bookmark! This may be really easy for someone who was good in craft class or has taken a class in Origami. PS: write a secret message on it and hide it inside her favorite book!


Cute Heart Shaped Bath Soaps by @attagirlsays

6. Heart Bath Bombs via Atta Girl Says
Things needed: 11; Difficult Level: Medium Easy

This is ideal for somebody like your mom or your partner who REALLY values her alone time. Heart Shaped Bath Bombs¬†you’d need more ingredients and time when compared to other DIYs above but remember you’re making something really awesome that could last you months!

Valentine Matchboxes by @inchmark


7. Lovestruck Matchboxes via My Little Valentine
Things needed: 4; Difficulty Level: Very EASY

This valentine, do something out of the box! Gift these personalized matchboxes¬†to your friends. The best part of these tiny babies is that you can fill with each person’s favorites and make it super thoughtful!


Which is your favorite? Do you have your own DIY gifts? Tell us in the comments’ below!


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