I Tried The Cult Cream Of All Times…And Here’s All You Need To Know About It

I Tried The Cult Cream Of All Times…And Here’s All You Need To Know About It

It seems to me that the world of beauty enthusiasts are always swooning over Egyptian Magic MultiPurpose Cream, and for all the right reasons. A 25-year old product, it has a legacy that is measured by the loyalty of each of its users. I have been wanting to try Egyptian Magic MultiPurpose Cream for some time now, so I grabbed it on one of my recent trips. I’ve been using it for over a month and here’s my honest review.

Packaging: Egyptian Magic Multipurpose Cream

While I can’t say much about the packaging, it makes most of the label sticker, not wasting a corner of it without giving some information. 

Ingredients: Egyptian Magic Multipurpose Cream

If I take it by face value, it only has 6 ingredients: olive oil, beeswax (emollient), honey, royal jelly, bee propolis. I have to be honest…this was the first time I’d heard of bee propolis as a skincare ingredient. The sticky substance used by bees to make their homes (beehives), is a boon to fight infections, and heal wounds (and a bunch of health benefits too).

Be For Beauty Reviews The Cult Cream, Egyptian Magic

Be For Beauty Reviews The Cult Cream, Egyptian Magic

  1. As a day cream: take a dab and pat it onto your skin. A little is more than enough. Unlike your gel-based formulas, this is quite creamy in consistency so it may feel a bit sticky on humid days in India.
  2. As a night cream: apply a good amount on face and neck (like all other serums) and sleep on it. Wake up with supple, moisturised skin.

Visible results

I don’t have eczema, but I do have hyperpigmentation which has reduced. My skin texture has gotten better (also because I’m trying to eat healthier), but there are many accounts of this cream helping them with acne scars. Check out our cheat sheet to glowing skin here.

Three Others Ways To Use Egyptian Magic Cream

  1. Dab it on as a highlighter: since it’s got a beautiful sheen, many loyal users and bloggers use it as a highlighter. Dab a bit on cheekbones, eyelids or nose for a natural sheen.
  2. Use it as a makeup remover: I usually take 2 tries to get rid of my liquid lipstick. When I’m out of micellar water, I use this.
  3. Run it through your strands to reduce frizz.

Where Can You Buy Egyptian Magic MultiPurpose Cream In India?

Not that easy to find in India, it is currently available at beautysourceindiaand mynykaa.

Would I Recommend It?

I’m happy to say I would. Start with the small jar. It’ll last you for a while, and you can use it on any dry bone on your body!