We Tried It: Find The Best Of Korean Sheet Masks at CareNClass

We Tried It: Find The Best Of Korean Sheet Masks at CareNClass

It’s no secret how Korean beauty took the world by storm. From double cleansing sessions to using an essence, the one part we ALL love about K-beauty is sheet masks.

Founder of CareNClass, Shristi Agarwal was no different than us. “It’s funny because I had never planned anything like this when I first bought these masks for myself from the U.S. After this, I was swept off my feet and wanted to bring these products to India,” Agarwal says.

And CareNClass was born.

A true testament to Start Up India, this online store is dedicated to sheet masks from up to 9,000 brands from Korea itself. “Like they say, think big but start small, right now, we ONLY have sheet masks,” shares Agarwal. After quickly glancing at her store, a few brands caught my attention. These included include Tony Moly, Cremorlab as well as Ariul. “The mask brands were chosen by me after a lot of research—they are not only known for being among the best brands in the country but also have a positive impact on your skin,” says Agarwal.

Are Sheet Masks Really Good For Your Skin?

The idea is to incorporate an inclusive masking schedule in your skincare which covers all those necessary steps that should be present in a treatment you do once in a week. Depending on the ingredients, “those 20 minutes should either help exfoliate skin, tighten or brighten or sometimes just calm you down,” says Agarwal.

Tea tree, aloe, avocado, broccoli and red wine helps keep and keep breakouts at by keeping your pores clean. Antioxidants like Black Herb Tea and Green Tea Oil balances the moisture level of your skin to give it that signature Korean glow!

And if you had to your pick a favourite? I asked.

“The Ariul 7 Days Mask set and the Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Mask are certainly the most loved items at the store,” she says. Both masks have been a long time favourite among the South Korean women too.

The Last Word: Which Sheet Mask Did I Try?

Personally, I love using sheet masks especially when it’s hotter. About two weeks ago, I’d come back home after a hard day and slapped on CremorLab’s Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask. The first thing I noticed was how the mask had very little stickiness in the packet. The mask is made 100% organic cotton and fits onto your face without making a mess. I kept it for a little longer than usual, almost as long as an episode of Stranger Things, and when I took it off, the mask was completely dry. Translation: all the goodness of polyphenols and tannins from the tea was on my face. Instead of washing my face instantly, I massaged my face and let it be for some time, hoping the moisture would last longer.

My skin was softer and plump for the next two days.

Should You Try It?

Since minimum order value for free shipping is just Rs 500, we recommend you get shopping now!

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