What Men REALLY Think About Winged Eyeliner.

What Men REALLY Think About Winged Eyeliner.
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Bust creams, pink themes, OOTD, things were a getting a bit, girly. Which is cool. Just that I am a guys’ girl. And I love hearing what men think of make-up. It’s funny and fun at the same time. Most of the guys I know, don’t like too much foundation but love pink lips. They can easily get confused between a highlighter and a blush, and think boyfriend jeans, should be left for them.

To me, the winged eyeliner is chic, a bit dramatic (like me) and is very much in vogue this year too.

So I decided to speak to 5 guys with full-time careers and a curious eye to tell Be For Beauty what they make of the winged eyeliner.



 Varun Rana, Fashion Features Editor, Harper’s Bazaar India

“I definitely notice the winged eyeliner. Being a child of the ‘80s and having grown up watching Doordarshan, it instantly takes me back to Sadhana, Vyjayanthimala, Saira Banu, Nutan, and their ilk. I love the throwback. I think a girl requires a certain amount of confidence to wear something that’s so period and distinctive, so hats off to any and all those who do. In India, it’s a lovely look because women, in general, have beautiful, dark eyes and this style of eye make-up elevates it to another level.”


Santosh Kumar, Lawyer, Programme Officer at ICA

“Wearing an eye-liner is as inherent to a woman’s life as is getting a neat shave for men. Personally, I like women who keep it subtle, yet stand out. Winged eye-liners perhaps work best on a dinner date or on a road trip where she could bring out the Cleopatra in her (by that, I mean going all out, get adventurous). But boardrooms, presentations and winged liners seldom go together.”


Karan Arora, Head of Merchandising, Adidas India

“The first thing I notice when I look at a girl’s face, are her eyes! And even though The Who just wrote about what’s behind blue eyes, it’s important what’s beside them as well. That said, all the effort you girls put in with the eyeliner doesn’t go unnoticed. I wouldn’t say you need it, but I would want you to want it.”

Rishi Seth, Head, My Envy Box

“It’s fun, quirky and always chic … and now the look even has a soundtrack, Rehab by Amy Winehouse playing in my head.”

Rajneesh Kapoor, Stand-Up Comedian

“Looks neat. Umm, for like 2 seconds, then no. Sure, it will catch the eye but looking at someone with winged eyeliner is like looking at Cat Woman. An angry Cat Woman. You had too many Red Bulls or what? Giving even your eyeliners the wings.”

What do you make of winged eyeliners? Check out the 8 best eyeliners of all times here!


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