Understand your skin type and try these tips at home

Understand your skin type and try these tips at home

One of the most obvious questions that we have to start this beauty special is to help you understand the type of skin you have. Upon speaking to many dermatologists over the years, as well as writing a plethora of beauty stories, I found that your gene pool and hereditary factors are usually what determines your skin type. Add to that, your beauty habits (or lack thereof), hormones and stress can all affect your skin type. The good part? Your lifestyle, diet and products you use can make your skin better. What’s your skin type, babe? (Babe is a unisexual term for Be For Beauty)

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Do you have oily skin?

Most oily skinned people (men and women) face a lot of oil secretion and wake up with a lot of sebum on their face. If you’re prone to facing a lot of shine on your forehead, cheeks and chin—or face a lot of blackheads, chances are you have an oily skin type. Sadly, the oily skinned ones usually go through about of acne/breakouts at least once in their life.

charcoal in a pot beauty product
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Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Use a charcoal based face wash once in 2 days
  • A gel-based cream/moisturiser may work better than an oil-based concoction.
  • An AHA/BHA serum may help reduce sebum production
  • Use a cooling clay mask to get rid of impurities and decrease oil production.

Do you have dry skin?

Even if the weather is not exceptionally dry, do you always feel the need to nourish your skin? Tight skin, white patches are usually signs of dry skin. Well, the good news is that blackheads and enlarged pores are NOT an issue—all you have to focus on, is to hydrate your skin with the right ingredients.

Image courtesy: Martha Stewart
Image courtesy: Martha Stewart

Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Stop taking hot showers—stick to lukewarm or tepid water.
  • Use a body lotion with an emollient like shea butter, honey right after you take a bath. This helps lock in moisture.
  • Invest in a hydrating serum for your face and neck. Look for Vitamin C, peptides or a cocktail of anti-oxidants.
  • Learn a few facial massaging techniques to ensure you really work a product in.
  • Lastly, what you are on the inside, reflects outside. Drink more water than others (4-5 liters would be ideal). You will see a change in your skin in due times.

Do you have combinative skin?

I do. Most of my skin is normal, it needs love and a good day cream but my nose and chin is where I feel enlarged pores and blackheads are a problem. Combinative skin is common, but requires you to be a bit more careful in your skincare regime.

Image courtesy: Instagram
Image courtesy: Instagram

Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Use 2 different kinds of face washes in a day: one could be a calming cleanser and the other could be a granule based cleanser (small granules please).
  • Don’t over moisturize your already-oily-areas, massage your face cream generously that need that love and care.
  • Try a customized face mask regime: use a hydrating mask on one half of your face (cheeks, sides of your face) and use a charcoal/clay based mask on the T-zone of your face. Both halves of your face will get what they need.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Does the sun make your skin itch? Do fragrance full products give you a rash? Easily reddened skin is usually a sign of sensitive skin, which means you can’t use half the mass produced skincare products. Look at this way—you’re special and you need all the attention you can get. Over 10 years ago, the Indian markets were not very adaptable to sensitive skin but now there are many pharmaceutical as well as international brands that have come to India! PS: You can use non-controversial baby brands too.

aloe vera
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Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • I’m a big believer in doing things naturally. If you have very sensitive skin, wash your face with honey and warm water. Most dermatologists recommend only Cetaphil because it has salicylic acid.
  • Add a primer or a sunscreen to your beauty regime. It’ll make your life easier, I promise.
  • Read the labels before buying products: avoid fragrances, and make sure all products you buy are hypoallergenic and paraben free.
  • A toner with cucumber or witchhazel will help maintain the pH balance of your skin.
  • A beauty secret to swear by– Aloevera. It works like a miracle! You can apply it by itself or add it to a D.I.Y. face masks. It’ll help with redness from the sun and pigmentation.

Do you have normal skin?

You DAWG you! It seems that not only do you have the same skin as you did when you were a baby, but you don’t have any acne or breakouts. Sure, you may have blackheads on your nose like the rest of us but your skin doesn’t feel too dry or too oily. So make sure you maintain what you have!

skin care menu for normal skin
Image courtesy: Byrdie

Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Wash your face at least two times a day with an antioxidant face wash.
  • Invest in a good moisturiser and an eye cream with Glycolic acid.
  • Cut down stress and keep changing your products with the season.

Still don’t know your skin type?

No worries. We have a simple test.

  • Wake up and wash your face as you do. Pat dry.
  • Go about your day.
  • Come back after 3 hours and use a tissue/oil blotting paper on your face: first use it on your forehead, then your cheek, nose and chin.
  • Look at the paper to see if there’s any oily residue.
  • Remember, it’s normal to have a little oil on your nose.


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