Working Out With UrbanClap: Be For Beauty Reviews This Service Based App

Lack of motivation, knowledge and long hours at work can lead to your fitness regime taking a backseat. Find out what happened when Be For Beauty’s Pragati Siddhanti took to UrbanClap to solve her fitness dilemma. Plus, our review of this professional service based app available in India.

In a city like Bangalore, where the traffic situation makes you cringe, convenience becomes key for the service industry. Be it salon services to photographers, or be it fitness instructors to cleaning agencies – services are now available at the tap of your finger with apps like UrbanClap.

Her Story

After a recent medical check-up, I realized that I was over 5 kg overweight. It was a rude shock to realize that my 30 minute cardio sessions on the treadmills were no longer effective.
I visited the best gyms in my area, Whitefield, Bengaluru, and realized time versus flexibility wasn’t going to feasible. What I needed was a personal trainer: someone who’s adept at what he does and can come in at my convenience.


Pragati tries Urban Clap
It was time I needed professional help. As part of my hunt for the perfect fitness solution, I tried UrbanClap. To be honest, I had downloaded UrbanClap app for daily chores but I decided to use their app to hire a fitness trainer.

The usage of the app is relatively easy: it asks you a set of basic questions and then provides multiple options on the basis of your location. You can request for multiple quotes, read reviews, talk to the experts and then zero in someone that fits your needs.



UrbanClap also gives you the option to personalize your search based on your preference or goals and then sends you multiple quotes on your email address.

My experience

Since my needs were more around overall fitness and well-being, I wanted a budget friendly option, where I could train for a few times a week.

Enter Neeravan, who trained me 3 times a week at 8 AM in the morning The commercials were Rs 5,000 for 12 classes which was a competitive rate, even when compared to gyms.

The trainer I found through Urban Clap was professional and met my needs. Not only did he guide me with my work out regime but he also gave me a diet chart based on my lifestyle. He was not overtly strict when it came to the diet/workout – but would push me when I needed it the most.


The Results

To put it in a line: these three months were more than just about weight loss.

I did manage to lose 3 kilos and about 5 inches but more than that the effects were instantaneous. My weight was stable—I started feeling more energetic than usual. I slept well, ate healthy and that had a positive impact on my general well-being.

The Takeaway

Since I am relocating to another country, I had to discontinue my training. But Neeravan’s circuit training (Abs and strength trainings, high intensity, pure cardio) and workouts are something I plan on doing through the year.

I strongly felt that having a personal trainer can help you stay focused and motivated in general and contribute to your own well-being.

You can visit the website or download the app here. To celebrate International Yoga Day, UrbanClap is organising an event across all metro cities absolutely FREE. For more info and registration, click here.

Have you tried UrbanClap? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments’ section.